Yorkshire Coast Shark Attacks

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Yorkshire Coast Shark Attacks

Sharks Spotted Stealing Anglers Fish Off The Yorkshire Coast

Sharks Spotted Stealing Anglers Fish Off The Yorkshire Coast

Sea Anglers on The Yorkshire Coast are reporting an increase of Porbeagle shark sightings within the inshore waters.

Earlier this summer (June 2014), Whitby charter boat anglers were amazed when a large Porbeagle Shark circled their boat and stole the fish they were catching at the time. Owner and skipper of the Sea Otter 2 charter boat, Paul Kilpatrick said – “It was a great days angling with fish coming aboard thick and fast, but it was an event midway through the afternoon that got everybody on there toes.

One of the lads was winding in a good sized cod, when just under the boat a very large porbeagle shark suddenly appeared and attacked the lads fish.

In a single swipe it bit the cod completly in half. The fish was around 8lb but after the shark attacked it all we got onbaord was a fishes head.

The anglers onboard could not believe what they were seeing. The shark circled the boat a few minuites before swimming away.

The porbeagle must have been 8ft long and around 400lb in weight, and a very big fish. It was a pleasure to see such an awesome predator in action”

Sea Otter 2 Shark Attack - Where's The Rest Of My Cod ??

Sea Otter 2 Shark Attack – Where’s The Rest Of My Cod ??

More recently (Sept 2014), during the final matches of The Scarborough Angling Festival, Middlesbrough shore angler Paul Lobley reported one of his fish being attacked and bitten in half whilst he was fishing off the shore at Filey Brigg.

Paul says he was unsure what bit the fish in half but feels it could have been a shark as seals dont usually take anglers fish during years when there is an abundance of fish inshore for them to predate naturally.

Shark Sighted By Kayak Angler

Just a few miles down the coast at Flamborough Head a more definate Shark Sighting was made by local Kayak Angler Dave Adamason.

Kayak Angler Dave Adamson

Kayak Angler Dave Adamson (Copyright Whitby Sea Anglers)

Dave Reports – “It was definitely a shark. On Tuesday evening just before dark, I was trolling a plug towards Brail nr Flamborough Head.

I hooked a 3lb Bass and then saw a swirl behind it and a large shape in the water. I initially thought it was a Seal until the dorsal fin broke surface.

The bass evaded the shark and shot under the kayak. I was winding in as fast as I could and in the clear water I saw the shark change direction and come directly towards me.

I pulled up hard and the fish came out of the water and landed in my lap, but the shark followed and broached alongside crashing into my kayak.

I got a very clear view of it and it certainly was not a seal. I just about crapped myself and paddled back to shore as quick as I could.

Back on the beach at North Landing I bumped into 1 of the East Coast Kayak Association lads, who said he had seen a shark there about a week before, but when he told his mates they accused him of doing drugs.

Another Fish Bitten In Half At Flamborough

Only a day later than Dave Adamsons shark encounter another well known local angler Garry Pye had a fish bit in half whilst fishing from the cliffs at Flamborough. Garry said on Facebook – “Ive had tope on before, but this felt like something a tad bigger, it nearly dragged me off the cliff top

Garry Pye's cod, suespected to have been attacked by a shark at Flamborough Head.

Garry Pye’s cod, suspected to have been attacked by a shark at Flamborough Head.

Remarkebly the event happened only a few hundred yards away from where Dave’s kayak had been hit by a porbeagle the day before.

Braile at North Landing Flamborough is a well known local shore fishing mark which can at times be prolific for cod. Whilst fishing there during the day, Garry hooked into a decent cod of around the 4lb mark, but half way in the fish was bit in half, and once again, only a fishes head was landed.

How Commen Are Sharks On The Yorkshire Coast

Sighting of sharks on The Yorkshire Coast date back for hundreds of years. They are well documented in the book of Henry Berry entitled Tunny. Plus local fishermen tell storys passed down to them through the generations of sharks spotted by their past relatives.

In the past twenty years shark fishing has become popular at Whitby with Skipper Rich Cope running frequent and sucessful Shark Fishing trips in his boat – Mistress.

Porbeagle Shark Caught On Rich Copes Boat Mistress At Whitby

A Porbeagle Shark Caught On Rich Copes Boat Mistress At Whitby

There are also numerous reports of catches of sharks (Thresher and Porbeagle) being made by the commercial fishing fleet of The Yorkshire Coast.

If you have seen a porbeagle shark off the Yorkshire coast or have a similar story to tell, then please get in touch using the comments section below.

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