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Writing Articles For The Site

This post will act as a bit of a guide for the site authors. If you have not been contacted by Glenn about writing for the site, then this post should be of little interest to you. If you feel able to contribute quality fishing articles on a regular basis for the site, then please get in touch with Glenn about being a site author. My email address is whitbyseaanglers@gmail.com

  1. Log into the site dashboard using the username and password provided by Glenn. There are 2 simple steps to get logged in :  Firstly click on the login message at the bottom of any page on the site. Secondly, a login box will appear, you should type your username and password in here. loginusername
  2. If you have entered your password correctly you will now see the authors dashboard. You are now ready to make your first post/article. On the left of the screen you will see a menu. Search through that menu and locate the Posts option.  Click on the posts option and you will get a drop down sub menu. Click on the option that says : Add New .new-post
  3. You will now see the text editor. It is not to dissimilar to word or the text editor on the forum for that matter. This part should be self explanatory. You simply type your article into the text editor. make a post
  4. Picture Sizes – adding pictures to your articles is a little different to how you add them to the forum, however, its still very easy. The first thing to always remember is that the very first image/picture you upload to the site will be the image that appears on the site homepage. When you have viewed the site homepage you should have noticed that the pictures there do not have the normal aspect ratio. Pictures that appear on the homepage have an aspect ratio of 16:9 . You will need to crop your first image to this aspect ratio. Some text editors do this automatically. If yours doesn’t then please crop your first picture to 600×338 . All other pictures after the first upload can follow the normal aspect ratio so there is no need to crop them. They should however be exactly 600 pixels wide, so you may need to resize them.
  5. Adding Pictures – As mentioned above, its easy as shelling peas to add images to your articles. Make sure the first image has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Then you need to upload the picture on the site server. To do this simply click the little Icon with a small black box inside another black box (see first picture below).add-pictures
  6. Adding Pictures Part 2 – Next you will see the image upload screen. Select the image/images you wish to upload and click ok. The pictures will now upload onto the server. If you get an image upload error please contact Glenn.select files
  7. Adding Pictures Part 3 – you are now ready to put the uploaded image into your article. Position the curser where you want the image to be placed. Next press the option to insert the image. The picture will now be placed in your article at the placed you put the cursor. You may now add as many images as you require by repeating this process. Just remember the aspect ratio for your first image should be 16:9 and all following pictures should be resized to 600 pixels wide.put image in post
  8. You are now armed with all the information you need to be able to access the site dashboard, write an article and add some pictures into your article. You are now almost ready to publish your article for the world to read (Dont panic, if it isn’t perfect or contains errors you can always edit it later. Before publishing the article there is 1 last step to follow. All posts to the site need to be placed into a category. The categories are the items that you see in the site menu. So the kayak lads will need to add the article to one of the kayak categories. If its a kayak safety article then it goes in the kayak safety zone, if its about accesorizing your yak then it goes in the pimp my yak section. All the categories are self explanatory. Rupert or anyone writing for the boat section will need to tick the boat category box. The guys writing for shore fishing may want to use the cod, bass, or fishing section. To place your article into a category it is just a matter of clicking the category box to the right side of the text editor as shown in the picture below. Do not worry if you forget to put your article into a category, the software will place it in the news category by Default and Glenn will sort it out later.categories
  9. You have now written your first article. Congratulations and thankyou, I am sure people will just love it. Now all you need to do is press the publish button and your article will go live to the site. Please make sure the page refreshes and your article is published before you navigate away from the dashboard area. Your article and picture should now be visible on the homepage (along with the first picture you uploaded). The article will also be filed on the category page that you selected.publish
  10. If you have any problems, please PM Glenn through the forum

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