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White Ragworm

With the amount of effort and time involved in digging white ragworm it is essential that you keep it in tip top condition until you require it for use. The times when you require your white ragworm may be well into the future but with a few simple steps it will be able to ensure your whites are in as good a condition as the day you acquired them when you eventually thread them onto your hook.

This guide on keeping White rag will give you all the information to enable you to keep these deadly baits in prime condition for several months.

keeping white ragworm for sea fishing bait

1. Whilst digging your white ragworm store any broken ones in a separate container to the others.

2. Keep them in a bucket of clean sea water, keep as cool as possible and transport them home asap.

3. Once at home transfer them into cat litter trays containing a few millimetres of fresh clean sea water. Ensure this water is good quality and not taken from near any rivers, streams or fresh water outlets which will effect the waters salinity and thus instantly kill your White worms. Use a hydrometer if your not sure about the salinity level.

4. Ensure any broken, damaged or blistered worms go in a separate cat litter tray. Damaged ones will decay faster than the others and also harm the undamaged ones.

5. Place the cat litter trays of white ragworm in the fridge.

keeping white ragworm in the fridge

6. After a couple of days change the water and again check for damaged and blistered worms and remove these to a separate tray. Only replace the water with sea water of the same temperature – to do this always keep a couple of litres in a container in the fridge.

7. Repeat step 6 for about 2 weeks.

8. You can now check the White rag worms less frequently. They should keep up to 3 months with regular water changes. I change mine about once a week or more regular if required. You will be able to see the water quality each time you check the worms.

Many anglers will keep their Whites in sterilised (boiled) sea coal or coarse sand after step 7. This is said to stop the worms from biting each other and they are believed to keep even longer if kept this way. I personally have never tried this method of keeping white ragworms but those who have say they can be kept for a year or more. I am informed if you can keep your water temp as low as possible (careful not to freeze the worms) at a constant temperature then your worms will keep a lot longer.

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