Whitby Open Fishing Match

Whitby Open Fishing Match

Due to committee decisions made by organisors of The Whitby Open Fishing Match, (basically they have forbidden us to publish their match results in full), we will not be covering this years match.

If you would like information on other matches in the area then please check out our fishing forum from the link in the main menu above.

Whitby Open Fishing Match 2013 dates yet to be announced.

Whitby Sea Anglers Association Annual Open Match ………

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Further Reading On Whitby sea Anglers Association Open Match

Whitby Sea Anglers Association Fishing Club Open 2008

The 2008 annual open match of the Whitby Fishing Club was won with an excellent fish caught by Scarborough angler Mick Chadwick. Read about Micks capture here.

Whitby Open Fishing Match 2008 Winner Mick Chadwick

Whitby Open Fishing Match 2008 Winner Mick Chadwick


2008 Results.

  • 1st M. Chadwick 19 lb 14 oz (2)
  • 2nd M. Marshal 8 lb 07 oz (2)
  • 3rd P. France 8 lb 05 oz (1)
  • 4th B. Harland 6 lb 12 oz (3)
  • 5th R. Harrison 6 lb 07 oz (1)
  • 6th M. Vasey 6 lb 06 oz
  • 7th C. Stainthorpe 5 lb 02 oz (2)
  • 8th P. Kilpatrick 5 lb 01 1/2 oz
  • 9th F. James 4 lb 15 1/2 oz (2)
  • 10th P. Hoy 4 lb 07 oz (1)
  • 11th R. Allison 4 lb 04 1/2 oz (1)
  • 12th A. Camish 4 lb 02 oz (1)
  • 13th R. Vasey (jnr) 3 lb 09 oz (1)
  • 14th W. Atkinson 3 lb 01 oz (1)
  • 15th B. Laws 3 lb 02 oz (1)
  • 16th G. Kilpatrick 2 lb 15 oz (1)
  • 17th = D. Thompson 2 lb 12 oz (2)
  • 17th = I. Sutton 2 lb 12 oz (1)
  • 19th J. Moore 2 lb 00 oz (1)
  • 20th P. Horbury 1 lb 10 1/2 oz (1)
  • 21st S. Scaife 1 lb 07 oz (1)
  • 22nd unnamed 1 lb 06 1/2 oz (1)
  • 23rd Sean Graham (jnr) 0 lb 15 oz (1)


  • 1st R. Vasey 3 lb 09 oz (1)
  • 2nd S. Graham 0 lb 15 oz (1)

Heaviest Fish.

  • 1st M. Chadwick 16 lb 13 oz (1)
  • 2nd P. France 8 lb 05 oz (1)

Whitby Fishing Club Open Match 2007

Sunday the 25th November saw The Whitby Sea Anglers Association hold their annual one day open fishing competition.

Some 90 anglers from across the region fished in tough conditions with only 24 competitors managing to weigh in.

A growing northerly sea swell and moderate onshore winds making things difficult for the anglers during the 6 hour match fished across a flood to high water tide.

The event winner was Davey Turnbull whose bag of 4 cod for 18 pounds 7 ounces earned him a check for £500 which was presented by club treasurer Dave Perett. A close second was was Cloughton angler Chris France who took 3 fish for 16 pounds 7 ounces earning him a cheque for £200.

Third place went to Scarborough angler Peter Bayes who landed 2 nice fish for 14 pounds 2 ounces, Pete recieved a cheque for £100 for his efforts.

The highest placed Whitby angler was James Gilpin who had 4 cod for 12 pounds 7 ounces putting him in 5th place overall.

In the competition for heaviest fish Chris France came out on top with a fine codling of 8 pounds 3 ounces caught early in the match. Unfortunately no junior anglers weighed in.

  • 1st Davey Turnball 18 07(2),
  • 2nd Chris France 16-07(3),
  • 3rd Peter Bayes 14-02(2),
  • Martin Camish 12-08(3),
  • James Gilpin 12-07(4),
  • Phil France 12 -06(3),
  • Mick Chadwick 10-13(4),
  • Paul Lobley 8-14(3),
  • Bernard Westgarth 7-00(4),
  • Harvey Moon 6 14(1),
  • Kev Thompson 6 10(1),
  • Col Sharpe 6-10(2),
  • Paul Kilpatrick 6 06(2),
  • Glenn Kilpatrick 6 05(3),
  • Mike Vasey 5 08(1),
  • Dennis Thompson 4 09(2),
  • J Wood 4 04(1), A Kelly 4 03(1),
  • Mark Jackson 3 01(1),
  • P Mead 2 14(1),
  • Dave Thompson 2 13(1),
  • Simon Barker 2 10(1),
  • Dave Waters 2 09(1),
  • Dave Smith 1 01(1).

The Match was sponsored by Keith Sports Of Saltburn, Rods And Reels of Whitby, Castle Foot Tackle (Scarborough), Bill Costins Tackle (Scarborough), The Fleece Public House(Whitby) and Supreme Plastics (Whitby). The club as always are most grateful to the sponsors without whom the event may not take place. Also we would like to thank anyone else who helped out with prizes.

The club would like to thank Whitby Charter Skipper no prescription online pharmacy Richard Ward (Shytorque Skipper) for weighing the fish, and the staff at the Fleece for their after match hospitality. A big thank you also goes to the Whitby Sea Anglers Committee especially Dave Perret who worked so hard to make the event a success.

Event winer Davey Turnbull(left) and superpool winner Chris France(right) receiving their trophies from club treasurer Dave Perret.

Whitby Sea Anglers 2005 Open

Winner William Atkinson 2 fish for 10 pounds 9 ounces

Sunday saw Whitby sea anglers hold their annual club open match. A light Northerly sea swell gave good conditions but as in recent matches fish were a little thin on the ground.

Whitby’s William Atkinson won the match and took the prize of £400 with 2 fish for 10 pounds 9 ounces, Willaim also caught one fish of 9 pounds 1 ounce which won him the superpool for the heaviest single fish.

Justin Liddle came second with 1 fish of 8 pounds 10 ounces. Whitby’s Dennis Thompson came in third with 2 fish for 8 pounds 8 ounces. This match was codling only.

  • 1st William Atkinson 10-09 2
  • 2nd Justin Liddle 8-10 1
  • 3rd Dennis Thompson 8-08 2
  • 4th Chris Scaife 7-4 4
  • 5th D Turnball 6-15 2
  • 6th Bernard Westgarth 6-01 1
  • 7th Steve Coverdale 5-7 1
  • 8th Ben Laws 5-5 2
  • 9th Mick Chadwick 5-0 2
  • 10th Eric Thompson 4-12 1

Junior Section

Any fish but codling take preference.

  • 1st Andrew Ammis 3-9 1Codling
  • 2nd Darren Hanson 1-5 1 Codling
  • 3rd J Morrison 3-8 6 Whiting

Whitby Sea Anglers Fishing Club Open Match Gallery

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