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Whitby Fishing Club 2013 -2014 Results

Whitby Fishing Club Still Holding Back On Thier Results

Whitby Fishing Club Still Holding Back On Thier Results. But those bass club boys, well they just don’t care !!

Im sure most of you are aware of the ongoing situation with the local sea angling club here in Whitby.

For the past few years we have been unable to print their results on site due to a committee decision.

This year they have offered us the top 3 placings for each match, which is not really newsworthy, so once again we may have another incomplete page on the site.

With this in mind we have started our own club. For sake of clarity, our new club will be called “Whitby Fishing Club (Jakes who Fish Sometimes, Officially Unofficial)” whereas the other club who are uptight with their results are called “The Whitby Sea Anglers Association (Official)” as it appears in the Google Index.

We will endeavor to post updates on our “fun” matches and get togethers, where the main emphasis of the night is socialization and fun with friends rather than competitive match fishing, lieing to friends and bickering which is what basically goes on in the official club.

Updates can be found via the club fishing section of the sites main menu.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, we have masses going off in our forum with winter cod galore coming ashore in this bumper year.

The Cod Are - "Just Out There"Whitby Fishing Club - Jakes Who Fish

Whitby Fishing Club – Jakes Who Fish



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