Get Listed To Advertise On

If you own a charter boat at Whitby and you would like to advertise on our website you will need to get listed with To have your charter boat listed on costs £200 annually. What you get for your money is listed below.

  • Listed on our Whitby Charter Boats Page on The sooner you register the higher up the page you will be featured.
  • Your Own dedicated Page on Whitby Sea Anglers, Including, Web link, Phone Number, Boat Details, Link To CBUK Page if you have one,  And Upto 10 pictures, Availability Calendar if you have one on CBUK, Link to a list of all your reports on our forum.
  • Free Advertising on Whitby Sea Anglers Forum. I.e. You may post as many reports as you like to the forum including pictures. Charter Boats not listed will no longer be able to post to the forum free of charge.
Hire a Whitby Charter Boat For Boat fishing At Whitby

Hire a Whitby Charter Boat For Boat fishing At Whitby


How To get Your Charter Boat Listed On

  • Send £200 to the following pay pal account.
  • Send an email to us containing the information for your boat listing.
  • Your listing will start as soon as you have sent the fee to our paypal account and will last for 1 year.