Weather Forecasts For Kayak Fishing

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Weather Forecasts For Kayak Fishing

Remember your life depends on the weather. As a kayaker I use online forecasts to check the weather conditions prior to launch. It is also a good idea to check with the coastguard prior to launch and to monitor channel 16 vhf for weather updates and warnings. Also remember to submit a paddle plan to your local coastguard station.

  • Metcheck – Just type in your postcode or town name and away you go. The daily forecasts are excellent and often accurate to a week ahead. The 14 day forecast is not so reliable.
  • XC Weather – An excellent forecast with a high percentage of accuracy. Click on the arrows for an area near you and view the forecast on the right hand side of the page. Double click the arrow for more elaborate data.
  • Magic Seaweed – This one is more of a surf forecast than a weather forecast. Select a surf report for your area from the drop down menu. Personally speaking I don’t find this one to be too accurate. Always view the sea and consult the coastguard before launching.
  • Wavenet – This one is not a forecast as such but gives live data from wave buoys around the coast. Its a little complicated but well worth the effort to learn. Click on an arrow near you for current wave heights.
  • BBC Coastal Forecast – Find your area and view the forecast.
  • Wind Guru – Again its pretty straight forward. Find your area and read the forecast.
  • Inshore Waters Forecast – An essential read for any kayaker. Find your area and read the forecast. There are forecasts for 17 areas around the coast of the UK twice a day at 0500 and 1700. Each area receives a 24 hour forecast, followed by an outlook for the following 24 hours. A general three day outlook is also available. The date and time of issue are found in the header of the full text forecast.
  • Weather Online – A mass of weather information. Too much to offer details here. Have fun.

Remember your safety is your own responsibility. The information held within our safety zone can be helpful to you, however there is never any substitute for common sense. Always consult the coastguard and if in doubt – don’t launch.

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