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Uptiding – Bait Fishing From Boats At Anchor

Great Fishing On Light Tackle Whilst At Anchor.

Uptide boat fishing at anchor (uptiding) is one of the most productive and enjoyable methods of fishing for Cod and numerous other species like ling, conger, bass, tope and rays.

The method involves casting a 6 ounce weight and a trace, baited with a variety of sea fishing baits, uptide of the boat you are fishing from.

The tackle used usually consists of a 9 foot uptiding rod and a small 6500 or 7000 size multiplier filled with line between 15 and 30 pound breaking strain.

Uptiding is often done in shallow inshore waters, no more than 90ft deep and usually less than a mile from the shore.

uptiding - fishing at anchor is great fun and very productive for cod

Above : Heading Out Of Whitby On A beautiful Winters Morning

Catch Big Cod On The Inshore Waters

In the past visitors to Whitby have often thought that to catch good fish you need to disappear over the horizon, to far off seas never before fished.

However the Whitby charter boats have found this not to be the case. Infact they have found some excellent catches with fish to 30lbs within 5 minutes travelling distance from the harbour entrance.

Although at times it does pay to visit distant wrecks and reefs there are other days when monster sized cod swim within a few hundred yards of the coastline at Whitby.

In the winter months the Whitby charter skippers have noticed that lots of cod come close to the shore at Whitby in search of the abundance of food which seems to gather around the profusion of rough ground and rock ledges around the coastline.

So the local skippers have developed their own take on the widely utilised method of uptiding at anchor. With a light rod usually about 9 foot in length and a small multiplier reel filled with 15 – 30 pound line a rig baited with squid, mussel, or worm is cast away from the boat using a 6 ounce grip lead.

Once the lead and bait are settled on the bottom line is let off the real to create a bow in the line between the rod tip and the weight on the bottom.

The strength of the tide pulls the grip lead in tight onto the sea bed and pulls the rod tip down.

uptiding at whitby

Above : Simon West with a 10lb cod from Malc Pitmans Boat Sea Spray.

One Bite And They Are Off. Cod Swim Downtide With The Bait.

When uptiding for cod, a bite is often signified by the rod tip springing upright. This happens because the fish has picked up the bait, swallowed the hook and started to swim downtide.

At this point the angler winds up the slack line and starts to reel in the fish. There is no need to strike the bite when uptide fishing as the fish are already hooked by the time you take the tension on the rod.

As the cod starts to get down tide of the boat the weight of the fish then begins to show on the rod and the angler has the fight of his life whilst trying to real in the fish against the strong tide flow. A big cod on light tackle fighting with the aid of a strong tide flow will give a fight to test even the most skilled of anglers, this surely has to be one of the best methods for catching cod whilst afloat.

whitby skipper paul kilpatrick uptiding for cod off saltwick bay just south of whitby

Above : Sea Otter 2 Skipper Paul Kilpatrick – Uptiding at Saltwick Bay

Book A Fishing Trip ? – More Info On Uptiding ?

If your interested in booking an uptiding trip from Whitby then please contact one of the Whitby Charter Skippers.

If you have any more questions on this method the skippers will be only to pleased to answer them for you. Another way to learn more about uptiding and other fishing methods utilised by the Whitby Charter skippers could be to drop into the Whitby Fishing Forum.

Above : Uptiding at Sandsend with Whitby in the background

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Uptiding Catches Gallery – Thumbnails Are Clickable.

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