Upgang Ravine Whitby

Access to the Ravine Slipway at Upgang Beach can be made via a track from the main Whitby to Sandsend road. A key is needed to access the track and this can be obtained by leaving a deposit of 10 pounds at the Golf course on Sandsend road.


Once down the track parking is free and the slipway gives easy access to the water. Fishing in this area is mainly over sand and Bass are a potential target at this relatively under exploited area of the coast.

Roughly 1000 yards from the shore is a large Kelp bed where cod can easily be targeted in both summer and winter, also there is a possibility of other species here including Pollock and Bass.

This Kelp bed is one of the few places I have seen whilst kayak fishing that produces summer red cod. Most of the other venues I have fished only seem to produce fresh run white tidal cod.

If you get a slight surf running, this area is also excellent for larger than average coalfish which can be found by casting a plug or abu Toby just behind the breakers. OK these fish arent massive but on the couple of occasions I have fished here so far I have had coalies to 4lb.

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