Whitby Angler John Locker Breaks The UK Bass Record

A new British record bass has been caught off the coast of Portsmouth, and better still it fell to local angler John Locker of Whitby.  John who currently serves with the Royal Navy caught the new record bass  just days before he went on tour to Afghanistan. It is thought that the monster fish took a pouting, which had in turn taken his sand-eel livebait.

UK Bass Record - John Locker Whitby

UK Bass Record – John Locker Whitby

The bass weighed 19-13-8 or 9 kilograms exactly, smashing the previous record (which is also shown below) by just over an ounce.

John says – “I caught the fish on 20lb mainline and hooklength, 3/0 sakumas with a shakespeare salt fixed spool ( the old model ) and on a medium frozen ammo sandeel rigged up like a sidewinder on a boom in strong tide in front of an ambush point I had found. It did spit out a big pouting whilst I was unhooking it but it had been in the fish a while.

  • Fish Caught 6-11-2012
  • Rod – Unknown
  • Reel – Shakespeare salt fixed spool
  • Line – 20lb Shakespeare Main-line With 20lb Amnesia Hook lengths.
  • Hook – Sakuma size 3/0 540 Manta hook.

Sandown Pier Isle Of Wight – The Old British Shore Caught Bass Record

Steve Cave with his amazing Bass caught from Sandown Pier Isle Of Wight

The fish was taken by local angler Steve Caves, who was fishing a whole squid bait.

The fish, which is now at Scotties tackle shop in Sandown, measured 36 inches long and beats the long standing shore caught record of 19lb, a fish caught way back in 1988 from Dover breakwater.

The fish was weighed twice on the pier at 19lb 12oz and then in the tackle shop at 19lb 11oz 12dr.

The Old UK Bass Record Steve Cave Sanddown Pier - 19lb 11oz

Steve Cave who caught the old UK Record Bass was slated on many of the UK’s Fishing Forums for actually killing the bass with some unhappy anglers claiming he only killed the bass to claim a record.

Some anglers say the bass should have been returned to fight another day.

Unhappy with the comments about his record bass in the Whitby fishing forum Steve Cave Signed up to defend himself. Steve says :

hi all I’m Steve cave,

I’m the fella that cought this monster bass.

I didn’t kill it just to get a record it was like any other fish in size and tasty.

it was going on my table,just like what most other sea fishing People do with there catch.

Its held out that far cos it was heavy no other reason, I’m not digging at any 1 its not my style, but it looks like iv got to take all the crap lobed at me for catching a British record at 11pm and not Knowing it was a record until later.

But i suppose thats my fault for no Noin everything.

Any way for your info the fish has been given to the natural history museum so you can all go and see it if you like. Theres my 2bobs worth

Tight lines Ppl but dint put hooks on and bait. Trust me its not worth the s##t that you will get if you get a record catch.


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