This smaller version of the Rod Bar 270 is becoming to get a reputation for itself over here in Jersey and in Wexford in Ireland. It still has the same castability of the 270, 5-50g, so no prisoners there then.

Don’t be taken in by its size, this little Bull Terrier of the plugging world is a lovely little bit of kit, light and easy to use, but will tame double figure bass at a glance. It is used here for boat plugging and shore fishing where surface lures are mainly used.

Built from high modulus carbon with Fuji SIC titaniun “Guide concept” eyes and high density foam grips, this little equal sectioned spigoted rod is a joy to use.

As in all the Tenryus the thickness of the blank is amazing compared to other rods of a simular weight.

Rod Bar Model 240
Weight: 180g
Length: 2400mm ( 8′ )
Casting : 5-50g

Available From Mr Fish Jersey