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Runswick Bay – Rocks, Kelp And Sand, Its Got The Lot.

Runswick Bay is perhaps the most talked about sea angling venue on the Yorkshire coast. Nine miles north of Whitby lies the beautifully scenic village of Runswick. The surrounding bay is home to some of the very best fishing anywhere in the region. Having fished the area for many years now I have come to [...]

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Best Cod Fishing Baits – The Top 10

Top 10 Cod Fishing Baits - In No Particular Order 1. Number 1 The Peeler Crab - The Number 1 Cod bait. 1. Number 1 bait whilst fishing for cod on the north east coast has to be the peeler crab. One, Two or even Three common shore or velvet peeler crabs whipped onto a [...]

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Keeping Peeler Crabs – Tips and Tricks

This article will cover the fairly untouched subject of keeping peeler crabs in tanks using filtered sea water which reduces the work necessary to keep healthy crabs to use for your bait. I love fishing with Peeler crabs and it is one of the countries top fishing baits for many species including cod, bass, flounder, [...]

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Robin Hoods Bay

Fishing At Robin Hoods Bay One Of The Uk's Most Scenic Fishing Marks. Robin Hoods Bay has to be one of the most scenic areas for sea fishing in the whole of the UK. From North to South Cheek the bay is 3 mile across and home to some of the very best sea fishing [...]

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Bait Collecting & The Importance Of Quality Bait !!

This article - Bait Collecting & The Importance Of Quality Bait !! is mainly for the anglers that are new to sea angling, I dont want to come across as if i am telling people how things should be done, as we all do things different there is no right or wrong way just thought [...]

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  • Little Run At Runswick Bay

Little Run At Runswick Bay

Here is the first of our series of articles entitled "The Mark Within The Mark". These articles will be published first on our Facebook Page. Viewers of our Facebook page will then get exclusive access to the articles for the first few weeks after they are published, at which point they will be moved to [...]

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Fishing At Goldsborough

A Very Tough Climb In my opinion Goldsborough is one of the toughest marks to access in the Whitby area. Although the cliff is nowhere near as steep as it is at some marks, the trek out of Goldsborough and up through the trees is very tough in the middle of winter, especially after heavy [...]

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Fishing Port Mulgrave

The fishing marks at Port Mulgrave can be found by leaving the A174 coast road at Hinderwell and following the signs for Port Mulgrave. There is only one road into Port Mulgrave. Parking is at the very end of this road and parking spaces are limited.

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Sandsend Cliffs – Early Season Cod

The cliffs at Sandsend are a very popular mark for the Yorkshire coast sea anglers. Found just to the north side of Sandsend and easily accessible via steps from the car park the cliffs offer a multitude of fishing platforms suitable to every state of tide. The ever popular bernies ledge, covered in winter [...]

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Whitby Open Fishing Match

Due to committee decisions made by organisors of The Whitby Open Fishing Match, (basically they have forbidden us to publish their match results in full), we will not be covering this years match. If you would like information on other matches in the area then please check out our fishing forum from the link in [...]

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The 50 Cod Challenge 2013

Quite simple. The challenge is to catch fifty cod from the shore between 1st October and the end of December. No size limits just remember to return all undersized fish. Report your catch here with as many pictures as possible. Please make life easy for me by stating at the start of your post How [...]

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So You Want To Be A Successful Winter Cod Angler

So many times now I have seen very similar question's asked on our sea angling forum - "Why are some anglers more successful than others when it comes to winter cod fishing" Well there is no short answer to that, and most certainly the main factor is experience. You must remember that many of the [...]

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