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Common Skate Record Broken – Isle Of Skye

Dan Bennett Smashes Common Skate Record On The Isle Of Skye Press Release Full Details And Pictures Here. Dan Bennett - Whitby Bass Club - Common Skate Record, Isle Of Skye Whilst fishing with fellow members of The Whiby Bass Club -, Daniel Bennett has landed the biggest common skate ever reported [...]

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Whitby Halibut Record Smashed

Fishing from Paul Eddon's boat Trot On, Peter Stricksen hooked and landed a specimen Halibut of 56lb 12 oz. The fish beats the previous port record of 50lb. Dated June 7th 2011 Whitby regular Peter said "the fish took a squid bait dragged along the bottem. At first I thought I had caught the bottem [...]

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UK Cod Record

British Record Cod - The UK Cod Record - Caught From Whitby UK Record Cod - Sea Trek Now Shy torque Cod Record - Caught From Whitby I was recently lucky enough to obtain a picture of the UK Record Cod. I had noticed there was no online record of the capture and so I [...]

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