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Yorkshire Coast Shark Attacks

Sharks Spotted Stealing Anglers Fish Off The Yorkshire Coast Sea Anglers on The Yorkshire Coast are reporting an increase of Porbeagle shark sightings within the inshore waters. Earlier this summer (June 2014), Whitby charter boat anglers were amazed when a large Porbeagle Shark circled their boat and stole the fish they were catching [...]

Flamborough Head Beach Clean

Read More About Flamborough Head On Our Website Flamborough Head Site Articles Flamborough Head Forum Topics Whitby Sea Anglers Facebook Group Flamborough Head Beach Clean 2014   COME AND JOIN THE COAST BEACH CLEAN! Coast magazine, in association with joules clothing, will be visiting Flamborough Head on Saturday 27th September for its annual [...]

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Kayak Fishing Safety Advice By Ken Oliver

Ten Kayak Fishing Safety Tips Last Saturday the Flamborough lifeboat assisted with three rescues involving kayakers and kayak anglers around the Flamborough Head area. Non of us like preaching on this site but please guys... 1. Make sure you have checked weather & tidal information and that it is within you capabilities before launching, if [...]

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South Landing Flamborough

The slipway at South Landing gives access to the whole of Bridlington Bay. Access is again using the CTug as parking is prohibited around the slipway which is the run in area for the Flamborough head lifeboat. The decent is quite steep and should only be undertaken by those fit enough to deal with the [...]

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Fishing Flamborough Cliffs

There are several small banks to fish off within 100 yds or so of  Arches. the first I know of being above  tottlebinks from the cliffs a high water spot as on medium to big tides the  binks  uncover and can be fished by walking on from Silex Bay. Read More......... http://holderness-coast-fishing.co.uk/flamborough-the-northen-extreme-of-the-holderness-coast/

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