Storm Original Jointed Thunderstick – Sub Surface Bass Fishing

storm jointed thunderstick in blue chrome

Storm actually stopped making the thunderstick bass lure back in 2005. However due to high demand it wasnt long before these fantastic bass lures were back in production and back in all the UK bass fishing retail outlets. The new thunderstcks have the Original integrated lip, colors and special effects. They can be Cast, trolledd, twitched, ripped and jerked. They Cover a variety of depths for most fishing situations and specie sof fish especially bass . Length: 5-1/2”. Weight: 5/8 oz. The storm jointed thunderstick Dives 2′-4′ and has an irresistible rattle and movement that bass just cant help having a go at.. I have yet to use a storm thunderstick yet myself but I have seen them in action whilst bass fishing from my kayak. One thing for certain is, my next fishing purchase will be several of these fantastic bass lures.

storm jointed thunderstick