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Storm Chug Bug Bass Plug

Storm Chug Bug

Storm Chug Bugs

The Storm Chug Bug is yet another bass fishing lure that falls into the category of surface popper. As with all surface working lures the chug bug has the advantage of being fishable in shallow areas such as UK beaches, scaurs and rock ledges, this makes these lures the ideal choice for the serious bass angler.

Surface poppers like this chug bug from storm are ideally suited to fishing on flat calm windless days. The best strategy for surface popping for bass is to cast the chug bug into areas where you think bass will be feeding or holding up. As you retrieve the lure work it by jerking, pausing and winding in the lure. Make sure you vary the duration of your jerks and pauses giving the chug bug the look of a natural prey fish swimming across the water surface.

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  1. john duck August 14, 2010 at 4:47 pm - Reply

    i have one of these and are a fantastic little popper. the have a great movement when popped and make a good splash. They are a light plug but you can still get them out a good distance.

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