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Storm Blue Label Thundersticks

Storm Blue Label Thundersticks – Bass Lure

The Blue Label Thunderstick bass lure from Storm is quite an old one and it is a plug that you will struggle to find these days in many of the UK angling shops. However a search of the internet including the American angling sites and Ebay should result in you being able to locate a source for these amazing bass lures.storm blue label thunderstick

The Storm Blue Label Thunderstick is an excellent bass plug that falls into the category of surface lures. Its ideal for fishing those shallow beaches or over rock ledges that wont allow you to use the deeper diving bass plugs. This plug has 3 ultra sharp treble hooks from razer claw and its front weighted design means its a pleasure to cast.

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  1. Tiny Tim March 4, 2008 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    I have a couple of old blue label storm thundersticks in bright yellow/orange,purple and a strange sort of see thru browny colour and these have been the most productive for the little bars of silver upto now,no monsters by any account but i think there will be some top lures to choose from this year and i gotta few ready to try so my fav may well change. not sure why they fish better than the others in my box (maybe its the action) cant be the colour as i’ve loads of other plugs in the same sort of colours that dont fish half as well. as for ground to fish them over its usually sandy/shingle for the bass with a bit of a chop goin (also saves loosing the lures on the snags) have yet to take a bass over rough ground,jst gotta get past those damn pollack….altho they do provide excellent sport cheesy i’m hopin my new megabass lures are gonna show me the goods this year,they’ve got one of the best finishes and best detail i’ve seen in a while on a lure,and the hardware on thems top notch!!

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