Sit On Top Kayak Re-entry From The Side

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Sit On Top Kayak Re-entry From The Side

How To Get Back On A Sit On Top Kayak.

Should you be unlucky enough to fall off your SOT fishing kayak, stay calm and follow these easy steps to get back on.

  • Swim to your kayak.
  • Reach underneath and grab handle on far side of kayak.
  • Push the near side of the kayak up whilst pulling the farside of the kayak down.
  • Once the kayak is upright. Reach over and grab the handle on the far side. With the other hand, pull the nearside of the kayak into your stomach area.
  • Pull yourself onto the kayak whilst kicking with your legs.
  • Once you have your body over the kayak, swivel round onto your back. Swivel yourself into the seating position.

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Site Administrator Glenn Kilpatrick has a passion for all types of sea angling. Past winner of the Whitby Sea Anglers fishing club on 2 occasions, Glenn now mainly focuses on summer fishing with bass and pollack being his favoured target fish. Glenn now also prefers Kayak Fishing over any other type of Sea Fishing.

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  1. steve August 20, 2009 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    Practice and practice it can be harder than you think especially with rod holders fish finders etc. Use a recreation lake at first. then try the surf zone on a freindly beach. then deep water with a mate. With a tide running,wind and waves you may not get back on before you are exhausted. Don’t wait for it to happen.

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