Shakespeare K2 Red Metal – A Casting Machine.

shakespeare k2 red metal This is beachcasting at its most advanced. Shakespeare have produced this rod in 14, 15 and 16 foot models. When they designed k2 red metal they had 1 thing only in mind – DISTANCE. Coupled with a fixed spool reel and light braid lines this rod gives the average angler the opportunity of casting up to 200 yards with ease. The K2 has been in the manufacturing/research stage for over 2 years and the first reports from those who have purchased them are very positive and well worth the wait.

The carbon tip is designed to maximise casting potential of weights in the 51/4oz and 7oz range. The rod also has ultra sensitive bite detection that will be difficult to match in any other rod. The k2 comes with a counterbalance weight system located in the rod butt This weight system is unique to the k2 shakespeare range and enables the angler to transfer the power when casting without exerting additional effort. The K2 Red Metals offer maximum distance casting for all anglers.