Moved – 28th September – Scarborough UK Kayak Fishing Competition 2013

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Moved – 28th September – Scarborough UK Kayak Fishing Competition 2013

The sixth UK OPEN KAYAK FISHING COMPETITION @ Scarborough will be staged on Saturday 28th of September 2013.

Free camping is being organised for all competitors with details to be published nearer the date. Further details will be posted in this article as well as on our Kayak Fishing Forum – Here.

Once again 1st Wet & Wild, Hull will be our major sponsers, and an extensive prize table will be on offer along with the presentation of the Moken challenge to the Kayak Angler of the year.

As usual this is a heaviest fish competition, rules are as per kayak-rules

The focus will once again be to have a fun event, run in a professional & safe manner. boat cover & marshals will monitor the competition. additionally it is a condition of entry that all competitors have suitable clothing & safety equipment.(see Rules)

the following details are provisional & may be adjusted nearer the date

Saturday 28th September, Fishing 11:00 – 17:00

Weigh in at the Scarborough Anglers Social Club 18:00 – 19:00

The Anglers is located close by & the parking ticket covers that car park as well

The event will start from Scarborough west pier, follow this link for a map of parking

its recomended to get there early to ensure space, and register, there are severel cafes & toilet facilities close by.

launch by the lifeboat station at 11:00 AM Boudaries will be announced on the day subject to weather conditions & forecast but the Chart indicates the prefered option.

Scarborough Kayak Fishing Match Rules For 2013

Special Rules– Kayaking Event

Fishing Times as per event post

1. All competitors to register on the day at the registration point

2. All competitors must have as a minimum, a PFD and Whistle, suitable clothing, wetsuit, dry suit, kayak suit or waders with belt and wind proof top. (Stewards will check these items at registration and competitors will be requested to sign to confirm they have the above as a minimum)

3. The launch/start will by controlled by a steward/member of the festival committee, kayaks
will be able to depart the beach on his/her command and fishing may start immediately.

4. A stewards boat will petrol the boundaries and assist with communications. Any instructions
given by the stewards boat are final, failure to observe their instructions will lead to

5. If the weather forecast is such that it is obvious in advance that launching will be impossible, the committee will attempt to relocate the venue and this will be communicated on the festival web site, Whitby anglers web site and if possible in the local press.

6. The boundaries will be agreed on the match day subject to weather conditions

7. This is a heaviest fish match and all species count with the exception of wrasse

8. Minimum sizes as per shore event rules apply.

9. Fishing may continue up to 5pm, competitors must weigh in at the The Anglers Social Club
between 6 – 7pm

10. In the event of a deterioration in the weather the steward will order a recall, if more than
half the allotted time has elapsed the match will be deemed to have been completed and a
weigh in will take place to determine the result.

11. Each competitor may have a maximum of two rods fitted out and ready too fish, but may
only fish with one rod at any one time.

12. Hook limits as per festival rules, treble hooks count as one hook

13. It is recommended that all kayaks carry a VHF radio or mobile phone and flares.

14. The following minimum sizes have been set by the committee: Bass 42cm, Coalfish (Billet) 36cm, Cod 36cm, Conger 59cm, Dab 24cm, Flounder 26cm, Haddock 31cm, Ling 65cm, Mackerel 35cm, Plaice 29cm, Pollack 36cm, Pouting 24cm, Spur Dogfish 60cm, Common Sole 26cm, Lemon Sole 26cm, Whiting 31cm, All other fish to be not less than 30cm. (WRASSE ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS MATCH)

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