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Scaling Dam

Fishing For Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout And Pike.

Northumbrian Water – Scaling Dam

Scaling can be found on the A171 roughly half way between Whitby and Guisborough. A very small area at 42 hectares (105 acres). Scaling Dam is also relatively shallow and is only 9 metres at it’s deepest. Scaling is stocked with rainbow trout up to do double figure but the average size trout is probably much smaller at around 1-2 pounds in weight. The water is also home to a population of brown trout and some pike – fish up to 20 pounds. A pike fishing permit is available at a price of £10.50 from the visitor centre.  reported in 2006.

Below – The side Wall At Scaling Provides some shelter and excellent trout fishing

fishing for trout at northumbrian waters scaling dam

Scaling Trout Fishery – Visitor Centre

A well stocked angling shop with all the tackle and bait you could require for a days trout fishing is available at the visitor centre. There is also an area selling food and refreshments, and from my own experience gained through calling into the visitor centre the staff there are well informed and willing to offer advice to all anglers about trout fishing at Scaling Dam..

Toilets, parking, a fishing jetty, a hearing loop and wide door access are available for disabled users.

pier for disabled anglers at scaling Dam

Baits For Trout Fishing At Scaling Dam

Worm popped up using a polyball is said to be excellent for tempting bottom feeding Rainbow trout. All powerbait’s are said to be very useful, it is advised to carry a wide range of colours and experiment throughout the day until you find a colour the trout are feeding on.

power bait for trout fishing

Above Powerbait – A great trout bait

Above – Young ? With a fine Brace Of Rainbow Trout

Multi-bait tips

Ledgered bait is the preferred method, try different leader lengths and distance from the shore until the feeding fish are located. Mixing worm and power bait can alos be very effective.

Fly Fishing At Scaling Dam

Lures: Dawson’s Olive, Black Fritz, Black/Green Montana. Nymphs and wets: Invicta, Damsel Nymph, Bibio, Black and Peacock Spider, Gold Ribbed Hares Ear, sunken Daddies. Dries: Bibio, Daddies.

Fly fishing tips

In any shallow reservoir floating lines can be very useful, this is also the case at scaling damn. Try seeking the knowledge of local anglers and the reservoir staff to find out what flies the trout are taking on any particular day. Long leaders and mixed wet/nymph tactics often prove successful.

Scaling Dam Catch Reports

A list of up to date catch reports from scaling Dam is available by clicking here.

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