This large slipway can be found at the north end of the village at the bottom of Lythe Bank. There is an hourly parking charge through summer, there are also council toilets, and a very nice local cafe for anyone wanting refreshments.

Again this area is under exploited by kayak anglers. Fishing near the cliffs will give many species with cod almost a certainty and the likelihood of catching a Bass being high.

A longer Paddle around Sandsend Ness end will give access to some tremendous kelp beds close to shore in the areas between the Ness end and Goldsborough. Again this is fairly unchartered water for kayak fishing. My personal feeling is this could be one of the coasts best areas for kayak angling.

Paddling straight out to sea for roughly 1 mile puts you in the middle of the south hard ground. Here a multitude of rock ledges and rough ground running onto sand give perfect fishing opportunities. Cod can be rife here at the right times.