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Sandsend Car Park

Fishing At Sandsend Car Park

The car Park in Sandsend is one of the easiest fishing venues on the Yorkshire coast. If you want to fish from your car boot then this is the place for you.


When Can I Fish And What Can I Catch ?

Best fishing times are usually over high water – 2 hours each side of the top of the tide usually being the most productive time. Catches include cod, whiting, bass and coalfish through the autumn and winter months and flounder, bass, mackerel and coalfish in the spring and summer. best baits to try are : peeler crab, lugworm, ragworm and fish baits including mackerel. Spinning for mackerel and plugging for bass can also be successful in the summer with calm conditions. For the autumn species best fishing usually coincides with the bigger spring tides and a slight sea swell during the hours of darkness which gets the fish feeding.


Below : Alan from Whitby with a 4 pound bass from Sandsend Car park. May 2007

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Using The Car Park

Through the summer months there is the usual car parking fee of roughly £2 for a couple of hours (details in the car park). From the end of October through until the end of March there is no fee to park in the car park. Please remember that this area is actually a car park and extreme caution should be used when fishing near the public and their vehicles.


Sandsend Sea Wall

Another good venue which is easy to fish at Sandsend is the sea wall in front of the post office and institute. Catches and fishing times are similar to those of the car park. Again caution should be used when fishing near the general public.

Sandsend Beach

The beach in front of the Doctors surgery at Sandsend is another excellent fishing venue. Available species are similar to those found at the car park but there certainly is more chance of catching cod in this area and the numbers of whiting certainly seem far greater than those found in the car park. Best times are 3 hours each side of high water although if gulleys have formed in the sand then fishing can also be good over low water.

Good fishing can also be had in front of the post office and institute on the sandsend sea wall

Fishing at east row sandsend looking along to newholme beck and upgang sea wall

Sandsend Slipway

The slipway at Sandsend can be a productive fishing mark and I know personally of bass to 8 pounds being taken here with ragworm. A late summer evening around dusk with a slight swell is said to be the best time to target the bass here. However the slipway is also a dangerous venue and sadly  lives have been lost here. So be very careful and if you take your kids fishing keep a close eye on them as there is a very strong cross current runs past this slipway.

slipway at sandsend car park is a decent bass mark

Health and safety

Angling from the shore in the UK is very hazardous to say the least. Every year lives are lost whilst pursuing our fascination with sea angling. Anglers of all levels of ability need to be very very careful indeed – having fallen badly myself last year I’m as aware as anyone of the dangers of rock fishing. At this point I would like to offer a few words of advice to anglers.

Never attempt to fish a new area without the help and advice of someone experienced in fishing that area.

Always check the tide and ensure you will be safe to access and exit your chosen area. Watch out for cut off points. If unsure don’t go. Its not worth it.

Be aware of the weather forecast. Conditions can change fast.

Don’t access closed areas, eg piers whilst the storm gates are shut.

Carry some form of communication.

Tell someone where you are going and when you intend to return. Ask them to raise the alarm should you not return.

Do not fish heavy seas. Its very dangerous and your wasting your time anyway, fish don’t like really rough seas. Leave it a day or 2 until the sea is dieing.

Remember that rocks, beaches and scars are very slippery. It is highly likeley that at sometime you will fall whilst out fishing. It is inevitable. Try staying safe by wearing appropriate footwear with a good drip.

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