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Rotten Bottom Rigs

There are many variations of the rotten bottom rig. This pin and foam rig is one of the more widely used versions and thought by many to be the best as there are less components to get snagged up in the rocks, kelp and rough ground. The simplicity of this rotten bottom rig also means as well as being very effective with a 100 percent release rate it is also very cheap to make.

Rotten Bottom Rig With A Loop And Pin.

rotten bottom rig. Very simple but very effective with pin and foam method

Tie a loop in the end of your trace body.

Then tie a week line around two thirds the strength of the main line from above the loop to the eye on your lead weight. If you use 30 pound mainline then a 20 pound weak line will suffice.

The weight used in the picture is a 6 ounce DCA bomb for rock fishing however you may use whatever you wish dependent on where you are to fish

rotten bottom made with panel pins

You will need some 20 or 25 mm panel pins. You can buy them in bulk from most hardware stores. This tub of over 2000 pins cost me £1 from Lidle supermarket.

rotten bottom pin and foam, better than a rotten bottom clip ?

Use either a foam cube or a square cut out of a milk carton. The square should be roughly 1cm by 1cm.

Push a panel pin through the centre of the foam or plastic square as in the picture.

As you loose the device every cast you will need to carry a few already made up with you when you go fishing. I usually carry around 100 in a plastic tub.

rotten bottom device. better than sea match

Push the loop through the eye of the lead weight.

place the pin through the loop as shown in the picture. When you pull this tight it will stop the loop from pulling back out from the eye of the lead weight.

The rotten bottom device is now ready to cast. Gravity will pull everything tight and the rotten bottom pin will stop the loop from coming back through the eye of the lead. You are now ready to cast. When the lead hits the water the impact will dislodge the pin leaving you with the weak line connection between the rig and the sinker.

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