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Rotten Bottom Rig

Using Rotten Bottom Rigs

rotten bottom rigs

Rotten bottom rigs are an essential item for rock and rough ground fishing fishing. As with anything to do with fishing they sound rather technical and a lot more complicated than they actually are. I remember the first time someone mentioned  rotten bottom rigs to me and I wondered what on earth they were talking about. However they are not technical or complicated at all. A rotten bottom rig is just a normal fishing rig with a weaker line (usually 2 thirds the strength of your mainline) tied between the rig itself and your lead weight. The reason for using a rotten bottom is if your lead weight gets stuck the weak line will snap with a good pull of the rod, leaving the lead behind on the sea bed whilst allowing you to retrieve the rest of your trace and a fish if you have been lucky enough to hook one.

Rotten bottom clips

As you have a weaker line between your rig body and your lead you will now have trouble casting with the weak line tending to snap when you cast. This is obviously dangerous to both yourself and bystander’s and this is where the rotten bottom clip comes in. There are numerous types of clips and devices on the market. The one in the picture to your left is known as a rotter. and you simply tie 1 to your rig body at point 1 then you attach a weak line from the rotter to your lead weight at point 2. Then just before you cast you attach the lead to the rotter clip (point 3). This will allow you to perform a more powerful cast without fear of the light line snapping, then when the lead weight hits the water the force of the impact will cause the lead to disconnect from the rotter therefore engaging your weaker line. As already mentioned there are numerous rotten bottom devices available on the market and the rotter clip is just one of them. There are also several home made devices including some similar to the rotter and some using a a pin and a piece of foam to connect the lead to a loop in the end of the rig body. I personally use home made rotter clips and attach 1 to both the rig body and my lead weight.

DIY Rotten Bottom Clips

Making your own rotten bottom clips is easy and very cheap. You simply need a coil of wire from your local hardware store.

rotten bottom weak links allow you to fish the heaVIEST OF GRound without fear of become stuck and losing fish

You then cut off small strips of wire and bend them into an s shape like in the picture below.

home made rotten bottom clips rotters

Next you cut the s clips to shape as in the picture below and close one end to make an eye.

rotten bottom rigs are great for north east rough ground fishing.

As described above you then attach a rotten bottom clip to your  main rig body and add one to your lead by opening out the eye and then closing it around the eye of the lead weight.

rotten bottoms allow you to retrieve a fish even if your lead is stuck

Attach the 2 rotten bottom clips together and your ready to cast.

rotten bottom clips - ideal for rough ground fishing - no more lost fish

Another rotten bottom rig is the pin and foam rig. Again this is a very easy rig to tie and use. Please click to learn the pin and foam rotten bottom rig

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