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Rapala CD11 Magnum Bass Fishing Lures



RAPALA are The lure manufacturing experts in the fishing world with over a 100 years of experience.

The CountDown method allows anglers to consistently fish any depth with controlled, slow-sinking action. By “counting down” one foot per second when the lure hits the water, anglers can achieve their desired depth without guessing.

Whether you are fishing with the shallow running floating models or the sinking CountDown variations, Magnums deliver the best performance for hardhitting saltwater game. Built to take the abuse of Blues, Tarpon, Tuna, Bass and Wahoo, Magnums are the world’s number one saltwater hardbodied lure. And like all saltwater Rapalas, Magnums come fitted with Perma Steel rust-resistant hardware for maximum life and performance in saltwater.

Each lure is hand tuned and tank tested. This is a great lure!

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Site Administrator Glenn Kilpatrick has a passion for all types of sea angling. Past winner of the Whitby Sea Anglers fishing club on 2 occasions, Glenn now mainly focuses on summer fishing with bass and pollack being his favoured target fish. Glenn now also prefers Kayak Fishing over any other type of Sea Fishing.


  1. P. Roberts February 3, 2009 at 8:09 pm - Reply

    Nice article I enjoyed reading it. I have many Rapala’s

  2. Ray Parlour February 15, 2009 at 12:59 pm - Reply

    The Rapala CD 11 is not the most well known of the bass plugs. In fact I will most often opt for a maria chase or storm thunderstick before a Rapala but the one occasion they seem to work well for me is when I troll them slowly behind my boat in relatively deep water ie 20-40 foot.

    They also seem to pick out a slightly better stamp of fish and help you avoid the schoolies. My best bass to date on the Rapala CD 11 is a 6 pound 2 ounce beast from north landing Flamborough.

    Always worth having one in the old lure box

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