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Pulley Rig

Pulley Rig For Fishing Over Rocks And Ledges.

If you are to fish over submerged rocks, boulders and steep ledges then the pulley rig is the one for you. This simple but effective rig means you can now fish in the roughest of grounds knowing that if you hook a fish you have a very good chance of landing it.

How The Pulley Rig Works

The Pulley rig design means that when a fish takes your bait the weight of the fish pulls your lead weight up the line where it tucks in against the swivel where the rig is connected to your main line. This means that as you retrieve your fish the lead weight is not dangling in a position where it can easily become snagged on the rocks and ledges you are fishing over.

If you want a better chance of landing your fish from the rough grounds then the pully rig is an essential item for your rig wallet.

The Pulley rig described here is optimised for fishing on the north east coast for cod. Depending on where you are fishing and the species you are targeting you may wish to alter parts of this rig to suite yourself. For example anglers targeting bass with the pulley rig may wish to lighten up a bit and use smaller lead weights and a lighter fluro carbon snoodline. Conversely anglers chasing bigger species like the conger may wish to scale things up. Anglers fishing the roughest of grounds may wish to substitute the lead link for some kind of Rotten Bottom Device.

Pulley Rig Video Staring Alan Yates From Sea Angler

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