Ocean Waders Review – Studded.

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Ocean Waders Review – Studded.

Ocean Waders Review

ocean chest wader review

Material: 490g smooth PVC coating with soft cotton reverse.
Waders feature extra wide ‘high frequency welded’ seams enure reliability under the most extreme conditions, elasticated braces with fix lock buckles, internal chest pocket and high quality boot with sturdy yellow cleated sole.

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  1. Jellyworm October 7, 2008 at 5:17 pm - Reply

    I ve used a pair of waders(chesties) that forum member Ringer put me onto….Liverpool wader company. The boots are fantastic steel shanked sole very very comfy and warm. The uppers well stitched and seams all taped/sealed.
    Managed to hole mine sliding down back of roll up though sad
    Patched them up and fished the rest of the season with them then the long walk on in the All England finally trashed the studs .

    So whilst up at Whitby I popped into both tackle shops hunting some Oceans and Rods and Reels had a size nine studded in stock.Got quite a good deal on them.
    The lad in the shop said he wasn t getting any more as Ocean had put the price up to the next batch being retail of £100.00 !!!!
    Used the waders the last two sessions…..what a load of rubbish……the boots are like kids wellies compared to the Liverpool waders.

    I will not be wasting £79.00 on another pair of oceans…or more ! when you can get far superior quality boots and waders for about half the price from Liverpool….wish I d waited now sad

    Plus you can have the liverpool ones double studded if you ask.

    Only my opinion but it is based on having tried both.

    Only down side for the LWC ones are they can be a little slow in delivery

  2. Baramundi Bob October 8, 2008 at 8:03 am - Reply

    I have used Ocean waders for many years now and have to admit to being quite happy with them. The major selling point for myself is the large amount of space inside them. These waders are big and the allow plenty of space for people who like to wrap up in the winter. Whats more they are a good buy for anyone who goes rock fishing involving long walks or cliff decents to their fishing marks. The space inside the waders allows for free body movement making it easier to get up cliffs or for long walks.

    On the negative side these waders do not seem durable. Studs are easily knocked out of the soles and the waders do seem to deteriorate pretty fast. In particular they are prone to holes around the knee areas due to people kneeling on rocks etc when baiting up. They also tend to wear in the groin area too. and could do with some reinforcement in these areas. Also they are damned expensive for what you get and I understand that ocean have recently upped their price to £100 per pair whcih I now consider to be a bit of a rip off.

    I used to budget for a pair of oceans per year and up untill a year ago was paying around £60 a pair. The recent price hike has made me take a rethink and under strong advice from other sea anglers I will now be looking at the waders from the LiverPool Wader Company. see : http://www.fishingwaders.co.uk/

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