Ocean Prowler 13

Ocean Prowler 13


Prowler 13 kayak fishing - quint-bass

A great fishing kayak with even more features Ocean Kayak is the World’s Number 1 for Sit-On-Tops and the Prowler 13 is one of the most popular angling kayaks in the UK. It now incorporates extra features to make it even simpler to fit a fishfinder. Fishfinders have revolutionised kayak fishing and the Prowler 13 has been tailor made to make installation of a Humminbird fishfinder kit quick and easy.

A scupper hole inside a cup holder and a special recess in the hull are used for fitting the transducer. The fishfinder kit comes with a specially designed transducer boot for installing the transducer into the hull. It also includes a mounting plate for the display and a cable gland for the power cable. All Humminbird fishfinders are waterproof and are available with a quick disconnect system.

As well as being fishfinder ready, every aspect of the design of the Prowler 13 is considered down to the last detail. This is a stable, tough fishing kayak which is light to transport off the water and highly manoeuvrable when you’re on it.

It feels safe to paddle in all conditions, is fast and has exceptional tracking and performance with almost no water slap. This is a great all round kayak, equally at home paddling through surf or nimbly picking your way amongst the rocks. Being manufactured from rotomoulded monolink polyethylene it is also incredibly durable.

The Prowler 13 is 13ft 4in (4.1m) long, weighs 54lbs (24.5kg.) with a carrying capacity of between 400-450lbs ((181 -204kg). It comes with a comfortable seat back as standard and a highly practical deck layout which keeps everything easy to manage.

Features include a large moulded in tank well capable of taking a large fishing crate; a bungee is included to keep equipment well secured. For dry stowage there’s a large bow hatch and a 6” center hatch with a storage bucket.

Other features include two flush mounted rod holders, a Plano bait box,moulded in footwells and paddle keepers. The deck layout is also ideal for adding any extras. There are moulded inserts for anchor trolley fittings; this allows you to rig a simple traveller to set the anchor at either end of the boat.

An optional rudder can also be fitted. Even with the extra features the price remains the same for the Prowler 13 at £559 or £529 for a non-angling version. Materials used by Ocean Kayak are repairable and recyclable.


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Site Administrator Glenn Kilpatrick has a passion for all types of sea angling. Past winner of the Whitby Sea Anglers fishing club on 2 occasions, Glenn now mainly focuses on summer fishing with bass and pollack being his favoured target fish. Glenn now also prefers Kayak Fishing over any other type of Sea Fishing.


  1. Ted Bovis April 13, 2008 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    I bought the ocean kayak prowler 13 a year back now. What more can I say ? Its an absolutely amazing angling kayak. I’ve fished at distances of 2 mile from shore and the prowler has great stability, its also a breeze to paddle this kayak into a strong tide like those found at Flamborough and Filey. Its a relatively light kayak and can be lifted onto your car roof bars by one person with ease. Ive used my prowler 13 on many occasions to catch: cod, bass, mackerel and pollock. Simply the best kayak for fishing to be found in the entire ocean kayak range.

  2. Andrew Hallett December 17, 2008 at 12:47 am - Reply

    Andrew Hallett (scratch)
    Havin bought th tarpon 130 tandem me nd my son we love th kayak but three ppl cant go out together as we av found out as 1 person is always left on th shore nd found this kayak to be gr88 apart from wht iv mentioned so, I decided to go and buy after readin write ups the prowler 13 in sept 08 nd avin been out just handful of times fishing as well, i find this kayak to be morr than suitable, stable across the waves as long as its not gale force nd fishing side of it i used th drift chute to slow me down nd th fish i caught was unbelievable for twice on th sea nd would recommend this kayak to anyone who is thinkin buyin first Fishing kayak.
    The stability is second to none nd lookin forward to getting out on th waves even morr this comin year 09. to catch nd enjoy th fishing nd explorin th coastal parts of Wales especially west down towards Manorbier nd further..

  3. A Johnson April 29, 2009 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    purchased prowler 13 in 07(my first) v good for long distance,paddled from filey cobble landing to flamborgh & return aprox 24 miles twice,also once from the cobble to bridlington in just over six hours,just one way this time,wife helped me out with the car to get back???,hope to do a bit of fishing this year, so i’ll see how it turns out,anyway i think the prowler is great so far, even if hav’ent tryed any other,cheers.

  4. Dave Blake March 21, 2010 at 10:23 am - Reply

    i have had a prowler now for 4 weeks been up river stour and avon at Christchurch,went out to sea last week mackeral fishing, no luck, i am now getting better at launching in quite rough conditions, but the kayak seem very safe,(havent tipped yet,)caught some bass yesterday one about 3lb had it for tea,the others just chequers.all the best highly recomend the prowler 13. DAVE

  5. Paul F March 21, 2010 at 10:24 am - Reply

    Had a prowler 13 for two years before some lowlife stole it off my 4wd. (sorry lads/lasses, if you don’t lock it up some-one will eventually nick it). Brilliant craft, canoe camping on the Severn, sea-fishing on the Pemboke coast,canal/lake trips, handed it all well. Great load capacity, stable in a good sea-swell and bogging useless in surf!! Might have been me but i could never get onto the beach in style if there was good surf about but that is a minor complaint.
    In the market for another sit on top and cannot see anything as good for the price as a p13….i’ll buy a really long steel cable for it this time though.

  6. Steve Kayak 07 March 21, 2010 at 10:25 am - Reply

    The p13 is an excellent kayak,ive been proud to own one!the ratings say it all!!

  7. Ray Maddison March 21, 2010 at 10:26 am - Reply

    I chose the Ocean Prowler 13 mainly on the basis that it was probably the most popular kayak around. After owning it for 2 years I can see why. It’s an excellent all round kayak for most occasions, not excelling in any one department, but performing admirably in all. Taking into account that it’s fairly priced you can see why yakkers find it so appealing. As most of my fishing is now done fairly or very close to the shore or around rocky reefs, it not only makes a comfortable fishing platform but is also very robust and can withstand the bumps and bangs either when landing or when your attention is taken by a fish snatching at your lure. It can cope quite well when there is a bit of sea on too, stability is very good. Paddling into strong tide can be taxing or strong winds from any direction can make it difficult to steer which can be a problem with most SOT kayaks. I would best sum it up as a Jack of all trades, not quite masterering any of them, but a good kayak nontheless.

  8. admin March 21, 2010 at 10:51 am - Reply

    I purchased one of these kayaks from Gary at Tri Star Angling in Bridlington. The kayak arrived courtesy of Gary’s trailer, at an excellent price too. The first noticeable thing was the weight, I had been told these kayaks were very light, and perhaps they are in comparison to other kayaks but I found it to be somewhat heavier than I felt it was going to be. It is possible to lift them on and off the roof rack on your own but it is a bit of a struggle for someone of average build like myself, however as I hardly ever fish alone its easy to get your fishing companion to give you a hand with the kayak onto the roof rack.

    My first launch was down at Flamborough with the lads off the forum. Setting sail across north landing I was at first a little wary of the stability of the yakbut after 30 minutes of paddling I felt at home on the water and in my opinion the kayak is very stable indeed and makes for an excellent fishing platform.. Paddling into tide and wind it was also evident that in average conditions the ocean prowler 13 had the ability to move with ease into the wind. I have since learnt that the kaskazi kayak range is far faster and more at home in rougher conditions, but with the kaskazi’s like the dorado going another £1000 in the price tag department the prowler is not bad at all really hence my score of 8 out of 10 for speed.

    My overall summary of the ocean prowler 13 would be that its an excellent kayak for anyone wanting to get into kayak fishing. Its price tag is very acceptable and the kayak itself makes for an excellent fishing platform whilst being extremely stable on the water and having good speed in fair weather conditions. The only downside for me was the weight and difficulty of lifting onto the car roof rack on my own, but this should be easily righted with a few hours a week on the weights at the gym. This kayak is not in the same league as the kaskazi range but for general inshore fishing at an affordable price you wont look back

  9. Dan Probert May 30, 2010 at 11:48 am - Reply

    ive had my p13 around a year and a half now. when purchasing it i was confronted with the option if getting a t13 but i couldnt see that the rod pod was worth the extra £150 i was going to be charged.

    as far as a fishing kayak goes, i cannot fault it. – its very stable, its as fast as you need a yak to go and theres plenty of strage room for quite alot of tackle in the rear well.

    When i saw the size of it i was worried about lifting it on and off the car on my own but the yak only weighs just more than a sack of spuds so its quite easy once you get used to the shape of it.

    All in all very impressed and would have anither one tomorrow.

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