Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 13 – The latest sit on top fishing kayak


Ocean Kayak, the world’s number 1 for sit-on-tops, offers paddlers an unrivalled choice of designs and the new Prowler Trident 13 is one of their latest models.

It is a scaled down version of the popular Prowler Trident 15 and offers similar great features. At 13ft 6in (4.1m) long and with a width 29.5inch (74.9cm) this craft performs well in a wide range of conditions on the water offering stability, manoeuvrability and speed; it also copes well with breaking surf and rough seas.

The dimensions make the Prowler Trident 13 easy to transport and handle off the water as well. It weighs 57lbs (25.85kg) and has a maximum load capacity of 425-475 lbs (192.8 lb 215.5kg) so there’s plenty of room for kit on board. There is a large bow hatch with a cross lock strap down facility and the oversize tank well can be used to stow a fishing crate.

Anglers using a fishfinder will particularly appreciate the Sonar Shield. This is an innovative idea first developed by Ocean Kayak for the Prowler Trident 15. It provides an enclosed storage system for a fishfinder when it is not being used and the cover then acts as a shield to protect the unit when it is operational and helps to make it easier to read the screen in bright sunlight. There is a transducer compatible scupper and this model also comes with a battery bag.

The Prowler Trident 13 offers a comfortable paddling position with the Comfort Plus seat back and adjustable foot braces which can be adjusted to the optimum position for leg length. The Rod Pod provides storage for fishing rods up to around eight feet, there are two flush mounted rod holders and a moulded in cup holder. A variety of colours (including camouflage) is available and the price is scheduled to be £659 (2008 Price).


Pictures And Comments By Forum Member Ian Alexander

Starting At The Front, Here’s The Bow Hatch

I’m told that the cross straps on mine are a lot easier to use than the two straps that were fitted on earlier models.

Inside The Hatch Showing The Battery Pouch/Sling

This looks good and it will keep the battery out of any water that collects inside the hull. It may be a bit small if you like to use batteries with a bigger Ampere/Hour rating.

The Adjustable Footpegs

These didn’t look that well made but they are pretty good in use and are very easy to adjust even out on the water. I got my foot stuck underneath one during the many times I’ve fell off when launching/landing. It hurt. I don’t fall off as often now though 

The Sonar Pod

A bit of bungy at the hinge makes sure the lid closes.

I have not fitted my fishfinder yet but the hatch is big enough to take my fishfinder and bracket, it looks a good idea but like I say I have’nt used it yet.

Enlarged Scupper Hole For The Transducer

The scupper hole and hull has been moulded to accomodate a Humminbird “through hull transducer”.

Centre Hatch, Rod Pod, Bait Tray

The centre hatch is secured with two straps and has a moulded in cup holder that is handy for keepin a small tub of bait in.

Under the hatch there is a sliding and removable bait or tackle tray. In the photo I have removed the seat so you can see the two scupper holes that drain off the seat area. You can also see the paddle retainers, one on each side, these work well and are quick and easy to use.

My rods fit into the hatch which has come in handy when launching and landing!! A nice feature.

My Seat

I bought my kayak with the next model up seat, it’s very comfy and supports my back well. You can see on the back of the seat there are a series of buckles, these are for attaching accessories like a bag and rod holders from ocean kayak.

The Tank Well/Rear Storage

Not much to say, plenty of room and webbing attached with plastic clips.

Rudder Mounting Holes

I have not got a rudder and don’t think I’ll bother getting one but if I did this is where it will attach.

I’m going to use these holes to attach a bracket that will hold the rear pulley of my anchor trolley.

A Couple Of Minor Concerns

The centre hatch is a great idea but I think the cover could be improved, it feels a flimsy and you have to be careful to get it on correctly or it will leak in water, you can see the seal isn’t that clever. I have seen an after market hatch that fits the big game that looked to be constructed well but I don’t think there is one for the trident.

My seat buckles clips need spraying with wd40 to keep them ok, they don’t like saltwater!! I’m going to look out for some stainless ones.

I’m not the best bloke to give a review of this kayak as I’m a mere novice when it comes to kayaking but I think that it’s a great kayak and I’m very happy with it. It feels pretty stable and is easy enough for me to move around and get on my car roof even when I’m on my own. Although at first I spent some time falling off it now I  think it’s pretty stable and easy to paddle. I hope that this has beenof some use.
Regards Ian.