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Ocean Kayak Venus 11 – Breast Cancer Fundraising

Kayak Fishing For Women

Kayak Fishing For Women – Its Cheaper Than The Gym

It’s cheaper than gym membership, keeps you fit, anyone can do it and it’s great fun.

It’s the sport of sit-on-top kayaking and Ocean Kayak, the world’s number one for sit-ontops, has two great kayaks specially designed for women.

The Venus 10 and the Venus 11 are the Pink Ribbon models and one percent of all worldwide sales goes to the Breast Cancer Fund.

So far almost £50,000 has been raised. Sit-on-top kayaks can be used on rivers, lakes or the sea and they are safe, stable and very versatile.

Paddling one of these is the perfect way to unwind and it is a sport which can be enjoyed on your own or with friends.

It is also a great way to exercise and have fun with children, partners or as a family.

Unlike belonging to a gym or sports club you don’t have to constantly pay expensive membership fees either. You get to work out and explore the outdoors for a one off payment.

For most female paddlers, the average kayak is the wrong shape but with the Venus 10 and Venus 11 the seat, hull and carrying handles have all been tailored to a woman’s physiology.

On the water these sit-on-tops are highly manoeuvrable and you can paddle at whatever pace suits you.

Both models have built in storage areas and feature a padded seat and moulded in foot-wells to give a comfortable paddling position. They are light and easy to transport and several can be strapped to a standard car roof rack.

They are also maintenance free and being made from rotomoulded monolink polyethylene are incredibly durable. Materials used by Ocean Kayak are repairable and recyclable.

One of the reasons why sit-on-tops have become so popular for recreational use is that they are open and self-draining.

This means that unlike a decked kayak you cannot get trapped inside if you capsize; if you go in the water you just climb back on board.

For women who enjoy fishing there is also the Caper Lady Angler, another sit-on-top from Ocean Kayak.

For women who prefer a decked kayak, Necky offers the Eliza tourer. Again a percentage of sales from these craft goes to the Breast Cancer Fund.

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