When you get to the village of Flamborough follow the signs to North Landing and proceed to the car park at the end of the road. The charge here is £1.50 all day during the summer months but free in the winter.

It is quite a steep track down to the beach, especially at the base, but it is hard standing so you will really need a trolley.

Take care in the summer when moving your kayak as the beach gets very busy with lots of small children enjoying the bay.

From here you can head either south to the lighthouse or north to the tall cliffs of Bempton. Fish can be caught all along these areas.

Again the main target species is cod, using lures in the clear summer waters and bait in cloudy water. There is good sport to be had with pollock, mackerel, wrasse and coalfish also.

The tidal currents here are very strong because of the nature of the headland, it is therefore advisable to only go on neap tides, and also be aware of the tidal streams, left to right flood, right to left ebb, as the wind can make paddling difficult when these combine.

There are plenty of small craft around Flamborough in the summer so it is rare that you will be on your own. It is also worth mentioning that consideration should be observed towards cliff top anglers, please keep a look out and give there lines a wide birth.

north landing kayak fishing cod



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