Article 47 Nigel Farage Speaks Out Against Eu Commissionaire Jo Borg

Nigel Farage is the UKIP leader. In this video he tells how he has been a life long sea angler, and how he fears that our great sport is about to be ruined by the Eu Commissionaire Jo Boerg. Nigel tells of his fears that Borg and DEFRA will seek to legislate against Sea Angling in the UK.

Click on the play button and watch this very entertaining video.

Nigel Paul Farage (born 3 April 1964 in Farnborough) is a British politician, and leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Read more about Nigels objection to Brussels interference on the UKIP website

Can Nigel dig us out of the trouble that SACN and Leon Roskilly have landed us in ?? Please comment below.