A new bye law has been introduced by the north eastern sea fisheries committee (NESFC) under which individuals must now have a permit to be able to collect velvet crabs for use as bait.

Members of the Whitby fishing forum are astounded by the new law and have expressed deep concern at the withdrawal of their right to collect some baits from the shore without the need for a permit.

Rob q from the whitby fishing forum says :

If that is true as you say, it will have a massive impact on NE anglers, It was bad enough losing the right to use edible peelers legally. They got it right in the article when they mention the law being “sneaked in through the back door” !!
We are not allowed to collect a few crabs for bait for our own personal use, as has been done by generations before, whilst the french pair trawlers hammer up and down every day within view of the same foreshores depleting our inshore fish stocks

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