The yoro-yoro is the slightly shallower diver of this fantastic Bass Lure

The MEGABASS gataride and yoro yoro 120 offers excitment at many levels. Firstly, its articulated lip generates quite intense vibration up the line and rod especially at fast retrieval.

Secondly, the water port on top of the body creates water displacement that a bass can supposedly detect. Thirdly, its double tungsten ball bearing system (which is visible on the beautiful translucent Zonk 120 HG series) gives it considerable casting distance.

Lastly, this lure doesn’t require rigorous work on your part. By varying the speed, drawing and pausing, Now, isn’t it a genius?


Iain Sellors with a nice bass on a megabass zonk


  • Water port on top of the body that creates a water displacement that bass can detect
  • Movable Double Tungsten Ball Bearing Casting System
  • Glass fibre diving lip (Super thin and more resistant against damage thanthe regular plastic lip)
  • Light-catching, reflective eyes and of course the GATARIDE REVELATION filing of the nodes on the bib will give you a long life with this the best Bass Lure available in the UK today and a fantastic and very rare colour very few available on the uk mainland of the magnificant Pearl Rainbow.

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