Loch Sunart Spurdog Tagathon

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Loch Sunart Spurdog Tagathon

Report By Forum Member Lindisfarne

With short days, long dark nights and a forecast from hell I had to think long and hard about going on this trip.  Windguru had winds pegged up in the high twenties for most of the weekend. With the optomistic  hope of them getting it wrong we made tracks for the Ardnamurchan peninsula  early on Friday  morning.

Arriving late morning we were surprised to be met with such calm conditions. It looked very fishable so within a few minutes we were rigged and on the water.

We were staying at Ressipol camping field and conveniently the site has a private slipway giving trolly access from the tent straight into the  loch……….

You can see the slip here just to the right of the reception building on the site.

loch sunart spurdog tagathon

Our  baits barely had time to settle before the usual culprits showed face, one after the other and they were all equally as small as this one……

Just as the vermin moved off the Spurs came out to play, small ones at first but as the afternoon wore on the size increased. None of the ones we caught were taggable fish  but  they gave us some good sport all the same.  Some of the boats that were out on the Friday reported several fish up to 15lb from a hole only a few hundred yards away from where we were fishing.

By mid afternoon I was in need of a blood transfusion. I had been “spurred” twice by one of  those little gits. Once in the back of the hand and once on the wrist.  The spurs have some weird toxins on there spikes,  the bleeding doesn’t stop and the swelling around the wound is scary.

These fish have to be handled very carefully with armoury like this on display…..

The last fish of the afternoon came just as  the light was fading and it was time to make for the shore to warm up….

After a cold night under the stars Saturday dawned wet but at least it was still windless. The forecasters  had certainly been well off the mark.  After a very wet and relatively fishless morning it started to brighten up a little….

The sport was very slow compared to yesterdays results.  This was the first day of the tagging event and the fish had gone AWOL. After a few hours most boats had weighed anchor and were spreading about in the loch in search of the elusive Spurdog. Some of the lads that travelled down the loch to Laga bay bad a bit of success and managed to get a few fish tagged in the 10 to 14lb range.  A few Skate showed in the catches, the biggest around 140lb and the smallest a mere 17lb.  One boat also reported  4 or 5 Conger from the same bit of ground.

Meanwhile back up the loch we found ourselves  running for shelter. The wind had swung into the West and was blowing the length of the loch  in our direction.  Two minutes after taking this picture I pulled the anchor and run for cover in the lea of an Island.

It settled a little for a while but soon after but the rain came back and the wind was gusting to uncomfortable strengths. 

The day ended wet and miserable and apart from a few doggies and a couple of small spurs we had  a pretty poor day.  Another long night in the tent was averted by heading  to the local boozer after tea. A comfy seat in the dry with a roaring fire made a stark contrast to the previous nights chittering.

As a footnote the camping at Ressipole was very affordable at around a fiver a night with an electric hook up.  I slept in the car with two coats on in my bivi bag.  Others within our company (no names mentioned)  slept in their tent  with  a 2.5kw heater running on full, talk about baking hot…

Roll on summer…………


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    That was an enjoyable read backed up with some good photos.

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