Loch Etive Kayak Fishing – Species Competition

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Loch Etive Kayak Fishing – Species Competition

£1700.00 Raised For The RNLI

How Cold was it up there today ?…………

loch etive

I went up last night to avoid the snow that was forecast for the wee hours of this morning. Arriving at 11.00pm I soon got my head down in the car to catch some Z’zzzzzz.

At around 1AM another van arrived next to me and parked up, I scraped some ice off the inside of the car to peer out. It was Stephen and he looked to be rigging up to go out…… , Sod that, I went back into my bivi to count more sheep……

I woke at 6.30am and checked the temp in the car. Not bad, it was only -8 …………. I had been lying snoring against the blade of my paddle and my breath had condensed on the blade then frozen to quite a thickness.

Stephen had braved a couple of hours afloat during the darkness but after a few fish he had returned to his car to regain consciousness.

We caught up, had a brew and made ready for the start of the comp. We were fishing the annual RNLI species challenge and were up against several small boats that were crewed with three or four anglers all fishing towards the one target. For us, on our kayaks it was a tall order to match their tally. Never the less we gave it our best. By the time we were ready to launch we were joined by Stephen D, Stewart and Jose. The temperature was rising rapidly, it was only -7.3 now…..

loch etive kayak fishing

So cold that my bloody sounder was playing up again, temperature related problems I now suspect. The screen was faint and lacked colour and definition.

loch etive scotland

The fish were in hiding today though. A slack water period in the middle of the comp and such low temperatures done us no favours. One or two bankers started to break the surface for me though..

a cold loch etive

winter at loch etive

The temperature was the biggest issue for us today. It warmed up slightly around midday but as soon as the sun started to sink the temp dropped like a stone. The breeze blowing down the loch made matters worse.

Jose had the right idea, the less exposed flesh the better…….

He even went sailing with his recently acquired PA sail……..

I managed 7 species in total which won me a joint 1st place in todays club match. The RNLI event was won with 10 species but that was between two anglers on the one boat. I think they should allow us kaykers to buddy up in teams of two which would help level the playing field a little. At the end of the day it’s all a bit of fun and thanks to Gordon Gouldie the event managed to raise the grand sum of £1700.00 for the RNLI.

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