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Little Run At Runswick Bay

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Little Run, as it is known to the Whitby lads, Or Clay Hole as its called by Teessiders is a small but very prolific cod fishing venue within the wider area known as Runswick Bay.

The marks is found on the right of Runswick Bay at around 500 yards passed The Yacht Club. It has many advantages over simply fishing on the beach at Runswick, primarily the main advantage here is that this mark hardly ever gets weeded out which is the main problem known to those anglers who regularly fish the beach.

Little Run fishes at its best on a big northerly swell. Best direction is North West, but straight north and north east are good. The mark fishes best in years when there are a lot of small codling around, ie fish within the 1-2lb bracket.

Having said that Little run is no stranger to big fish and many doubles have come from here over the years, but for the best fishing, Mop Years are unbeatable.

Best tides are neaps which is when the really big bags come out. It still fishes well on the spring tides but the window of opportunity is often limited to a 90 minute period starting at 3 hours before low tide.

Neap tides with big seas are the time to be at this mark. Look in the whitby tide book and look for ebb tides of between 1.8 and 2.6m. If fishing tides of around 1.8m its best to ensure you have low pressure over the north sea. When you have high pressure weather sytems this can make the tide ebb faster and further than normal, meaning you can get an ebb tibe of around 1.4 metres. This often means the hole empties of water too fast and the fishing can be poor.

At these times, think of heading to Kettleness Gulley as an alternative venue. The smaller the tide the better your catching potential.

Aim to get onto the mark at 3 hours before low tide, starting on the beach behind the gulley and working your way down the right hand side of the gulley as the tide ebbs out.

Worthy of note with this mark, is that on a small flooding tide, eg tides of around 4.4m at high tide (Whitby book) this mark can fish exceptionally well on a small flooding tide.

Start fishing on the beach at the back of the gulley at 90 minutes after low tide. Fish the tide in and you can get a fish a cast if the mops are about.

Best baits are green shore crab in the earlier part of the season.

Cart seems to come into its own around November. This mark fishes well from September To Late December. It appears to be very poor after Christmas.

Little Run - Runswick Cod Fishing

Little Run - Runswick Cod Fishing

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