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Kayak Fishing Links Directory

Fishing Kayak Reviews

Fishing kayak reviews is the only UK website dedicated to reviews of kayaks for sea angling. Currently the site lists the full ocean kayak range and offers reviews of kayaks such as ocean prowler 13 and ocean trident 15. All kayaks are rated out of 10 and reviewers also have the opportunity to write a brief piece on their thoughts about the kayaks. If you already own a kayak then please visit the site and review the kayak you own. If your thinking of buying a fishing kayak then look no further for best advice.

Kayak Fishing Uk

This very interesting kayak fishing site is jam packed with information and tips for all kayak anglers from novice to advanced level. The site contains : kayak fishing news articles, safety information, ideas for rigging out a kayak and an established kayak fishing forum / community. This is one of the best sites on the net for all you kayak fishermen in the UK. So why not Click Here and visit kayak fishing.co.uk

Anglersnet Kayak Fishing Forums

The Anglers net website and forums run by Elton Murphy is one of the most successful angling websites in the UK. There is a whole area of their site dedicated to kayak fishing. The Anglers net kayak fishing forums can be found at this link :

Anglersnet Kayak Fishing

Once there you will find a whole host of UK kayak fishing topics.

Kayak Fishing

The Kayak fishing section on the Whitby Sea Anglers website is home to a huge amount of information on kayaking in the north east with many of the articles applicable to worldwide kayak anglers. This site contains lots of details on Kayak fishing including articles entitled Which Fishing Kayak ?, Kayak Fishing For Bass, Yak Angling Gallery, Kayak Fishing Forum Topics, Kayak Fishing, Launching A Kayak, Ocean Prowler Trident 15. Over the coming months we will be adding more info to this site so please visit us at Kayak Fishing.

North Wales Kayak Fishing

The Welsh love their kayak fishing too and with lots of fantastic species over there and the amazing scenery on offer, what better place to fish from a kayak. This site is home to a multitude of information for all levels of kayak fishermen. With sections for : Electronics, Safety Kit, Catches, Gallery, Articles and a large kayak fishing forum the north Wales kayak fishing website is as good as any to be found on the net and well worth a visit. To go to the North Wales kayak fishing site please click here.

South African Kayak Fishing

Simon’s Town Sea Kayaking Trips – See the famous Boulders penguin colony from our safe and stable sea kayaks.

Paddlers Kayak Store –  Cape Town’s largest dedicated sea kayaking shop.

KFSA – Kayak Fishing South Africa – Kayak fishing South Africa is Mick Clarke’s website focussing on fishing the waters around the Durban South Coast. Amongst the fish they target are Couta, Tuna and Sailfish, Dorado and Baracuda.

Australian Kayak Fishing

Yak Fishing Down Under

Kayak Fishing In Queensland

Sydney Australia Kayak Fishing

Big Fish From A Kayak

Kayak Fishing For Thresher Sharks – Thresher shark fishing in Australia

Kayak Fishing USA

Kayak Fishing In California – Fishing for sharks of the coast of california

Canoe Kayak

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing

Kayak Sportsfishing

LA Jolla Adventures

Jacksonville Yak Fishing

Texas Fisherman

European Yak Angling

Kayak Fishing In Spain – Spanish kayak fishing holidays. What better way to spend your summer breaks.

Italian Kayak Fishing – Yak Angling On The Mediterranean

Other English Kayak Fishing Links

Anglers Afloat – UK Kayak fishing website and forum.

Kayak Fishing Forum In Sussex Lagachette – Kayak fishing in the Sussex area

Kayak Fishing.com

Kayak Fishing Blog – A rather interesting blog about the exploits of a south coast kayak angler.

Kayak Fishing News – Up to the minute news on competitions, meets and any other kayak fishing information.

Fishing Kayak Reviews – Reviews of all the best fishing kayaks.

YakerBass – Kayak Fishing Blog – The bloggers Mark, Paul and Rob write entries about Kayak fishing for bass around Torbay in south Devon.

Kayak Fishing In Wales

North Wales Kayak Fishing Forum – Welsh kayak fishing – website and forums.

Kayak Fishing In Scotland

Planet Sea Fishing – Kayak Fishing Forum – Although this site is about the UK, the owner is based in Scotland so I will list this forum here

Kayak Fishing In Ireland

Kayak Angling Ireland – All about Kayak fishing in the Emerald Isle

Kayak Fishing In Ireland Video

Irish Kayak Fishing Forum – Chat and debate on Irish Kayak Fishing Issues

Sea Kayaking Blogs

The sea kayaking blogs on the internet are a very interesting read and often offer some fantastic images of the coastline giving ideas for new fishing areas. These are just some of the sea kayaking blogs we have found to date :

Sea Kayaker UK – An insight into sea kayaking around the British Isles.

Alsion Dyer Nefoundland Sea Kayaking – Sea Kayaking In Newfoundland With Alison Dyer. A fantastic read with amazing pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Sea Kayak Photo -Perhaps the number 1 UK blog for sea kayakers is Douglas Wilcox’ blog sea kayak photo. Douglas loves to paddle, photograph and write about his beloved Scottish coastline. A truly amazing site that will keep you coming back for more and more.

To add your site here please contact us the email address at the bottom of this page.

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