A launch at Skinnigrove gives access to the fantastic fishing grounds around Boulby and Hummersea to the South and the softer grounds of Saltburn area to the north. Expect to find cod in the rough grounds. The angler willing to experiment and spend some time using plugs and spinners should be pleasantly surprised with a few bass from this area.

Heading straight out to sea from the village, at a distance of roughly 1.5 mile from the shore places you slap bang in the middle of the rough ground cod marks. If the water is clear, then this mark can give excellent results from as early as April with small hokeyes being one of a few favoured methods.


Also on the cards are Pollock, Mackerel and whiting. It is also highly likely that the softer grounds to the north of the village will hold Thornback and decent sized plaice, best methods for these will be bottom fished baits such as fish and worms. Launching from the village will be easy across the beach. Remember to seek local knowledge on best car parking options.

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