The pier takes 5 minutes steady paddling,and is good for bass, the best one last year being 10lb 12 oz, also mullett, to the west of the pier its good for garfish and off to the nose of the pier its good for flounders and plaice.

In the picture of the harbour wall you`ll see the gap, it takes us 1 minute paddling to get there, again good for bass, using live prawns on a float, the occasional pollack has also been caught.

The next couple of pictures were taken at low tide it takes us 2-3 mins to get there, good for trolling or just anchor put on a big mackeral head and sit and wait for mr bass.

There are tons of mackeral around in June so live baits not a problem, plenty of lug worm for those that fancy digging or pumping, failing that we can get them cheap in the club off the local diggers, £12.00 per 100.


Nore Beach


The Jetty On Hastings Beach


Hastings Pier


Hastings Nore Beach

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