Kayak Cod Rigs – By Iain Sellors

With the summer fishing on the horizon I am getting some kayak rigs made up and thought I would show you what I use for inshore cod fishing on the land rock.

The components are :

  • One 4/0 and One 8/0 Oshaugnessy hook
  • Two 1/0 interlock snaps
  • Two elastic bands
  • Eight 3″ of white and red pieces of wool
  • One 3 oz lead,
  • Two foot of 20lb mono

kayak fishing rigs

Use the elastic bands to secure the wool to the hooks, and place the snaps like so on to the lead

boat fishing rigs

Tie the lead to the trace, and use a blood knot to secure the 4/0 hook in place, try to keep the top hook as low as possible to the lead

kayak fishing rigs
fishing rigs

I find that 20lb mono is best for kayak fishing as you have to pull out lots and you don’t want to be putting too much pressure on otherwise you risk tipping over when it does go – I have tried jellies and shads but find this set up works best and is very cheap – the hooks and snaps are bought from Whitby Angling Supplies and are very cheap – you could do away with the snaps and just tie onto mono but I prefer using the snaps

If you wish to find out anymore information on Iain’s Kayak cod rigs then please ask any questions over in our kayak fishing forum