Jersey Bass Fishing – Channel Islands Bass.

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Jersey Bass Fishing – Channel Islands Bass.

Report By Andy Stonehouse – Edited By Glenn Kilpatrick.

channel isalnd bass fishing - Mick Ward Mr Fish Jersey Andy Stonehouse is a bass angler from the north east of England. He has been fishing for the proverbial “bars of silver” for many years.  Andy has experienced good catches both locally and on his travels across the UK. In late summer 2008 Andy was invited to Jersey to go bass fishing with local expert and tackle shop owner Mick Ward. This is Andy’s report.

What an excellent guide – Mick Ward aka Mr Fish Jersey .

In the latter part of 2008 I was invited to visit Jersey by Mick Ward who runs the local tackle shop mr fish jersey . After consulting my partner for a fishing pass, I checked out the prices of flights to Jersey and found some exceptional prices at Newcastle Airport. A few days later I was landing on Jersey with a bag full of tackle and a head full of eager anticipation.

My first day on the islands was spent sight seeing with my partner who had come along for the experience of visiting the beautiful channel islands, and not to forget the shopping. Mick kept in touch by phone and told us things were looking good for my trip the following day. Throughout the day my phone was red hot with messages of “Just had another bass” from Mick who was already out fishing.

The following morning I met with Mick and a few of his friends down at the boat. These guys are so passionate about their bass fishing and they were eager to show me just what the island has in store for the visiting bass angler. It was clear to see these guys knew their stuff and they meant business. It wasn’t long before we were heading out to sea in Mick’s boat. The run off highlighted the many volcanic reefs that surround the islands and create the huge tidal flows that bass just seem to love. The video below shows the run off to the various marks. If you watch the video carefully you may notice we pass a tower (about 15 seconds into the clip). This Tower is a holiday cottage which is accessible at low tide but completely cut off at high tide. What a holiday let that could be – bass fishing out the bedroom window.

After a few minutes we were over our first bass fishing mark. We all snapped on various plugs and cast out in hope. The first drift resulted in a nice bass for Mick our host. The fish took a hacker 105 in orange and was quickly measured and weighed before safely being returned to the water.

Mick From Mr Fish Jersey With a cracking channel island bass
The rest of the day saw Mick skilfully dodging the reefs and putting us over fish after fish. All the lads on the boat managed some excellent bass which fell to a variety of both surface and sub surface plugs. The following pictures are just a selection of the fish we took.

Above : Yours truly with a channel island bass on a surface lure.

All too soon the sun was coming down on my Channel Islands bass fishing experience. One thing for sure is I will be returning as soon as possible. I am eternally grateful to Mick and his friends for their hospitality and willingness to share their bass fishing haven with an angler from the north east of England. A perfect fishing holiday with the perfect host Mick Ward who is not just a local tackle shop owner, but a top bass angler to boot.

The Tackle – Tenryu Rods  “Probably The Best Plugging Rod In The World”

On my trip to Jersey I used the Tenryu plugging rod. This rod is fast developing a name for itself in the bass plugging world. The plugs used were many and varied. Perhaps one of my favourites was the PATCHINKO IN NACRE. Other plugs used included the Feedshallow, Orange Zonk, Z Claw.

All the plugs and other tackle used are available mail order from Mr Fish Jersey

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    Hello, I’m Neil and I am going to be visiting Jersey for a few days break and I wish to go sea fishing. Would you be able to accommodate myself and a friend for a days sea fishing. We would be looking at either Tuesday 08/09/15 or Thursday 10/09/15. I would prefer wreck fishing but any sea fishing will do. Could you get back to me and let me know if this would be possible?

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