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Invisible Fishing Weights

Invisible Fishing Weights

Tulsa, Oklahoma – August, 20th 2008 – Avo Invents have developed the worlds first invisible and environmentally friendlier alternative to traditional lead fishing weights/sinkers.

Our Invisible weights have been selling in the UK and Europe since the 1st September 2007, with great success, they were predominantly aimed at the carp angler, we have since then completely redesigned the weights to suit the US market. We currently have the bullet shape in approx 1/2oz and egg shape weights in 1oz, different sizes coming soon. What makes our product so unique is not just the fact it’s invisible, but the fact we can make it virtually the same density as lead and still be crystal clear. Diamond Sinkers are treated with an anti glare coating to minimise the glare from the sun when in use. We have patent pending for the product, process and technology involved. We have distribution set up in the US and aim to start selling the weights to most fishing tackle shops by mid October 2008 and prices are expected to be around $3.95 per pack of 3.

Diamond Sinkers Give the angler more of a chance to catch fish….. That’s clearly better!

Avo Invents is a UK and US based company who develop completely new and innovative products for the fishing tackle industry. We are currently working on 36 new shapes for both sea fishing and freshwater angling.

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