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Side Imaging Sonar from Humminbird was one of the outstanding products at Seawork last year. It won the Innovation Award for Marine Electronics and was also voted Technical Innovation of the Year at the Fishing News Awards.


This exclusive technology will be shown on the stand and on water demonstrations will be taking place. With Humminbird’s side imaging sonar you can see high definition images beneath the boat viewing up to 480 feet of coverage from side to side. Three side imaging models will be on display, the big screen Humminbird 1197c SI Combo, the 997c SI Combo and the new 798c SI Combo.

Units come complete with GPS and chartplotting capabilities and use high accuracy 50 channel GPS/WAAS receivers. They are also stand alone units so no towed transducers or additional software are required for side imaging operation. The big screen 1197 has a 10.4” colour display and high definition live images can be relayed to a flat screen television or monitor using the video output link. The 997c SI has an 8” display and the 798c SI a 5” display.

All side imaging units use Navionics charts and include an SD memory card which can record images for later analysis on a PC. One of the most testing operational environments for any piece of equipment is in search and rescue operations. Humminbird’s Side Imaging Sonar has already transformed how recovery operations are carried out and is already in use with a number of UK Police Search and Rescue teams.

With side imaging sonar, as well as viewing beneath the boat, a search team can scan up to 240 feet either side of it producing detailed images of the underwater topography. It can search dark, murky waters where cameras are ineffective and save time and resources by avoiding subjecting divers to unseen underwater hazards.

For security purposes underwater images of outstanding clarity can also be produced. The user-friendly menu includes a Freeze Frame facility and Mark button to create waypoints back to areas requiring further investigation. The View button allows quick scrolling between screens and navigation charts and side imaging pictures can be viewedat the same time. Units are simple to install with a variety of mounting options.

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  1. Joseph Foye March 17, 2012 at 12:32 pm - Reply

    I am the secretary of Dungannon Sub Aqua Club and the Clubs Search and Recovery Team. We would be very interested in this Side Scan Unit to help in our Searches when we are called out by the Coastguard. The last 3 callouts were very difficult, in Belfast Harbour,Derry Harbour and the River Foyle at Straban. With a very large area to search, no visibility,strong currents and having to wait till the Police give up the search.We start at a disadvantage, this unit could help to pinpoint likely spots for our divers to search and cover a much larger area quickly. Please e.mail details and price to me,the unit will be fitted on the consol of a rib.

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