How To Catch Pollack From A Kayak.

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How To Catch Pollack From A Kayak.

Nothing Fights Quite Like A Pollack.

With the exception of a big Bass perhaps, nothing on the inshore waters fights quite like a pollack hooked in shallow water. The fight often starts slowly with the fish not quite sure whats going on. Then they see the kayak and wake up. Setting off like and exocet missile the fish crash dives for the bottom almost pulling you off the kayak. Then you gain some line, but the fights not over yet, again you see the fish and it sees you before another powerful dive for the deep. At times the whole of the rod including the reel can be in the water, and this happens several times before the stunning pollack lays at the side of the kayak.

whitby pollack fishing

Damo Townsend fights another Whitby pollack

Many Methods To Catch A Pollack From A Kayak.

There are many methods that can be utilised to catch yourself a pollack from the kayak. My own personal favourite is trolling a plug, but this can also prove expensive should the fish find its way down into the kelp. Wanting to give a fair representation of the methods used for pollack fishing from the kayak, I put the question to our forum members. The following is an overview of the replies I received.

Kayak Fishing For Pollack With Jellyworms.

Forum members Jellyworm (Dave Jackets) and Silver Fox, are no stranger to big pollacks and both boast personal best fish close to the double figure mark. The lads say they love to fish jellyworms behind a half to one ounce lead.

Jellyworm for pollack

Pollack on a black jellyworm

Dave Adamson also advocates the use of Jellyworms and he says “Keep it very simple, 5oz lead & 6ft trace with nice fat jellyworm. Either on the drift drop to the bottom & slowly reel in or paddle slow to troll it midwater. This seems to nail em. If I want to be stationary I cast and retrieve the worm on a leadhead. My Favourite would probably be live sandeel but I have more trouble catching those that Pollock”

Plug Fishing For Pollack

Forum member Mike Marshall has had pollack to almost 10 pounds on the kayak and has lost much bigger fish in the fight. In replying to the question of kayak fishing methods, Mike replied – “At the moment my best method as you know Glenn is troll up and down for hours on end :yes: :tired: which seems to attract the smaller fish and occasionally the bigger one, and then to stop for a break or a chat with whoever is heading towards you trolling in the other direction.

pollack fishing

Pollack on a Yo zuri crystal minnow red head

Having stopped paddling and almost coming to stand still the plug will rise to the surface and more or less immediately (“and this has happened on numerous occasions to myself Glen Dan and Damo”) a bigger fish will hit the lure with such voracity and speed that before you know it its back down heading for the kelp wens it came from, and the battle is on if your lucky you’ll keep it out of the kelp maybe bringing it up only to dive down two/three or more times before landing a fine specimen.

After having this happen numerous times I will chose a place to stop cast the plug out, wait several seconds and then retrieve very slowly just so the plug is working just under the surface, Ive had good results with this method (“its probably nowt new, but it is to me and it works well”) fish have taken the lure more or less as soon as the lure hits the water or soon after which is very visual or on the slow retrieve back, on many occasions you can actually see the golden flanks of the fish as it rises to take the lure, sometimes very gently or quite the opposite with the speed of a true predator.

All the bigger fish Ive had and lost have been with this method, plugs I’ve had good results on are Yo-Zori red head, Sidewinder Red head and Storm jointed thunderstick.

I’m sure like a Bass will take a popper of the surface so will a Pollock, which is one method amongst others I will try next time were out searching for in my opinion one of the best fighting fish we have on the coast especially on light tackle………..well Ive not had a big Bass yet so I might change me mind on that one………..we will see”

big pollack fishing

Mike Marshall with his PB pollack - 9.5 pounds

Float Fishing For Pollack

Float fishing a mackerel strip, live sandeel or frozen sandeel can also be deadly for pollack. Simply fish the bait below a cigar float and wait for the pollack to strike. The float will at first, just ease gently out of site. Resits the urge to strike instantly or you may loose the fish. Once the float is under, count to 3 then strike and hold on tight.

Free lining Sandeels For Pollack

Another exciting and underused method to target pollack from the kayak is to freeline a live sandeel on the drift. Simply attach a swivel and a short hook snood to your main line. Hook the sandeel then lower it into the water and let it swim freely beneath the kayak as you drift. Hold on tight to the rod as the strike of a pollack on a live sandeel will be like nothing you’ve experienced before.

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