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Holderness Coast Fishing Marks

Fishing Marks On The Holderness Coast.

If anyone has any pictures of these Holderness coast fishing marks please could you forward them to me at the email address at the bottom of this page.

Sea Fishing At Bridlington

Shore angling at Bridlington is not sparkling and it tends to be limited to fishing from the piers for summer flatfish, small codling and coalfish. Two tackle shops serve Bridlington, these are Mallards and Linfords, and anyone at the harbour will direct you to them. Both shops can be relied upon for fresh and frozen bait and for first hand advice on the current state of the fishing. To the South of the town is a good dinghy launching ramp where it requires some man handling of the boat across the sand, but you can drive your car right down to the beach. This area offers some really excellent lug worm and razor fish digging, with big spring tides providing some of the best black lug in South Yorkshire.


SKIPSEA is another good lug digging spot on both tides and also offers some reasonable shore fishing. In Summer it is a great mark for dabs, flounder and a handful of plaice to be caught and angling is quite popular in this area because of the number of caravan sites around.

Hornsea An Excellent Holderness Fishing Mark – Home To Hornsea SAC Fishing Club

Further South we come to Hornsea which is a fair mark in summer with the resorts North and South beaches giving good dab and sole fishing with codling from Autumn into late Spring. Hornsea is the home of one of the largest and most popular angling clubs in the country. Hornsea SAC. who organize open competitions as well as club matches. Hornsea North End is one of my favourite spots in Winter where the beach is relatively steep and during, or just after a blow there can be some very productive daylight codling fishing. This is is also a reputed mark for producing the odd ‘biggie’. It is a good area with easy beach access, no cliffs to climb – the perfect place in fact to spend an all-night session in comfort, as you park your car and just walk down to the beach. There are several places along the promenade at Hornsea where private boats can be launched. One tackle shop serves the town and is run by angler Chris Barugh who specializes in first class tackle and bait. He is also a reliable source of angling information.

Cowden And Aldbrough Are Popular Cod fishing marks.

The beach is quite steep at high water but this is the start of the cliff sand when they are wet access to the beach can be quite hairy. At low water the beach is shallow and here distance casting pays off. A good Summer mark for spurdog, thornback ray and occasional bass.

East Newton And Ringborough.

Access is difficult since the main path was dug up by an angry farmer, fed up with inconsiderate anglers trampling across his fields instead of following the perimeter. This is still an excellent venue providing you are prepared to walk as there is excellent cod fishing from a beach that is steeper than Aldbrough. It is most productive on a lumpy sea around high water. With deep water close in long casting is not too important.

Ringborough is reached by following the road South from East Newton until you reach the world war two gun turrets perched on the cliff top. Parking and beach access is provided by the farmer so be sure to leave 10 pence behind your windscreen wiper or you forfeit your hub caps. A notice to this effect is on display. In early Winter access is often good since the farmer cuts steps into the cliffs and provides a steadying rope, but wet weather and erosion soon make cliff descent heavy. This is a good all round venue that usually provides fish right through the tide, although the ebb fishes very well in Springtime.

Hilstone – One Of The Most Popular Fishing Marks On The Holderness Coast

Next you come to Hilstone Which some would say is one of the most popular beaches on the Holderness coastline. The problem here is access since the cliffs are very steep and often muddy. If cliff descent can be achieved there are some good bags of codling to be taken and late Summer thornback rays. As a rule Hilston fishes the full flood, dies at high water then fishes three hours down to low water…..usually!

Tunstall is another consistent Fishing venue

Easy access with a simple walk down onto the beach There is a large boat compound where boats can be launched fairly easily except for a stretch of soft sand at the top of the beach. There is always the chance of buying (Yorkshire thrift) a cheap pull in and out from a local boat owner who has one of the dozens of tractors in the compound. Boat fishing is fairly consistent right through the year with good fishing close in, although the weather and sea conditions dictate launching at this venue. The beach at Tunstall to the south is on the shallow side and distance casting often pays off.


Down at WITHERNSEA the North side of the town has a steep beach with easy access similar to Hornsea. Summer fishing is not too hot, but Winter is excellent particularly after a blow. A mile South of the town the sewer pipe makes an excellent mark for anglers prepared to make the long walk. It often produces better quality cod than the other beaches.

Holmpton Another Holderness Coast Angling Venue

HOLMPTON’S access is often very bad with steep cliffs that get muddy and dangerous, but there is some good codling fishing to be had in Winter. Deeper beaches lay to the South of the access so you should try to time your arrival around low water and see where the gullies are formed – they tend to change overnight during rough-ups.

Fishing At Dimlington

DIMLINGTON has fairly good access to the North of the gas terminal or alternatively at the South end of the station. Fishing is best over the first of the flood and towards the top of the tide. There are a few school bass taken here in mid-Summer fishing on a fairly lively surf.

Easington Another Good Access Beach

EASINGTON is another good access beach and very popular with visiting angling clubs on coach trips since the road ends at the edge of the beach and the walk is just a few steps. Not the best of bottoms in general but worth a session for an all nighter if you want a place where you can get back to the car easily. Access is not too bad at KILNSEA although the bottom is foul with exposed banks of mud that claim more tackle than the fishing warrants. North of the venue through the caravan site the low water is littered with lead eating tank blocks but the fishing can be good here when the tide floods. It needs a good surf to produce to full potential.

Map Of Fishing Marks At Holderness

fishing marks on the holderness coast

Health and safety

Angling from the shore in the uk is very hazardous to say the least. Every year lives are lost whilst pursuing our fascination with angling in the sea. Anglers of all levels of ability need to be very very careful indeed. At this point I would like to offer a few words of advice to anglers.

Never attempt to fish a new area without the help and advice of someone experienced in fishing that area.

Always check the tide and ensure you will be safe to access and exit your chosen area. Watch out for cut off points. If unsure don’t go. Its not worth it.

Be aware of the weather forecast. Conditions can change fast.

Don’t access closed areas, eg piers whilst the storm gates are shut.

Carry some form of communication.

Tell someone where you are going and when you intend to return. Ask them to raise the alarm should you not return.

Do not fish heavy seas. Its very dangerous and your wasting your time anyway, fish don’t like really rough seas. Leave it a day or 2 until the sea is dieing.

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    Hi,Going to Skipsea on sands on the 22/october 2011 for 7 days with touring caravan, What i would like to know is if theres anyone fishing on the dates 22nd to 28th, also i have 2 rods a zzippy LT 14 dymic and a century kompressor sport, one for rough ground and one for distance casting, hoping to get into a few early codling, whats the best bait to use i got frozen peeler and mussel that i am bring with me, do i need any other sort of bait? If any body fancy’s meeting up and going for a chuck please let me know, my mobile number is 07894478000………Ray

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    OOPss forgot to add from my listing FISHING AT SKIPSEA ON SANDS. MY EMAIL ADDY IS rayprice48@aol.com

  3. jamie February 14, 2013 at 5:33 pm - Reply

    where can you dig for lug-rag etc

    • Wobblybob January 21, 2014 at 9:39 am - Reply

      Hi Jamie, just stumbled across the site, Bait digging can be Best at Redcar South Gare (south side on scars/Rock pools) for big rag on the spring tides only, ‘saw one a metre in length dug out here’,
      Yellow tails/gullies etc from Skipsea (seaside rd) Hornsea north beach/Atwick on any tide that recedes to 0.8 metres, if all else fails Spurn Point on the mud flats up to Kilnsea, take some waders, peeler & white rag all the way up the humber banks under kelp & rocks, For the big black gullies we make a special trip to theddlethorpe in lincolnshire on large spring tides & can pump 400/500 in a session so take a big emulsion bucket, Warning ! be alert for damage to your vehicle in the dark hours.

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