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Greys Triplex Reviews

Shore rods that enables the average caster to reach exceptional distances with little effort. A smooth progressive action and superb balance in the hand makes this rod ideal for both multiplier and fixed spool use over a wide variety of marks.

* Maximum distance with minimum effort
* Extremely light and well-balanced
* 3-piece construction for travelling convenience
* Easy long-casting action

Greys Triplex Reviews

New in 2008 to compliment the current 16’ Triplex and due to demand, the Triplex 16’ F/S rod has been ringed specifically for fixed spool and is ideally suited for modern ‘continental’ style tactics. Multiple hook rigs can be cast with ease and due to the powerful yet forgiving nature of the blank the rod is kind to soft baits.

The three sections make this 16’ rod pack down to less length than a 2pce 12’ rod which makes transport easy, and slide together with a precision fit. Each rod has a totally adjustable patented ‘Slide-Lock’ reel seat running over comfortable ‘Sure-Grip’ shrink tube.

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  1. gary hinchliff October 25, 2008 at 8:40 am - Reply

    an easy rod to fish with, good distance with little effort, bait stays intact, the smallest of bites show up. have used it with multiplyer and fixed spool. the perfect choice for the beginner to learn how to use a multiplyer and perfect off the ground casting.

  2. Peter Van De Weerd January 28, 2009 at 10:29 pm - Reply

    My 16 ft./6oz.Triplex was quite a surprise. Easy and comfortable to handle. Casting-distances are amazing.
    No trouble casting softbait like seaworms. No trouble to notice a fish biting. Powerful enough to get the fish ashore, even on very thin lines. This rod is a miracle!!!!
    Ability to do the job, can`t be better 10 points
    value for money, not interested in money, need good material, got it. 10points
    Overall rating, sometimes a bit difficult to loosen the three joints, 9 points

  3. Peter van der Weerd November 14, 2009 at 8:42 am - Reply

    Greys triplex is great. Casting distances unbelievable when thin lines are used. this is also the main asset of this rod. A lot of power,a lot of casting distance and even the slightest bite is visible. It is really how a rod should be. Uncomparable with the nearly antique Hardy Tourney, Lesly Moncrief used it,i still have it but don`t use it anymore. A lot of my Hardy rods are used every week and even more. The Spinning 5 ,nothing better when a good pike on the line. Hardy Richard Walker Carp Rods are still uncomparable , these rods can get a carp out of the reeds, back from underneath a bridge.I think Hardy and Grey have a reputation for decennia, keep going!!!!

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