Greys Nitra

Greys Nitra

Greys Nitra

A Great Rock Fishing Rod From Greys

Greys Nitra

Grey’s class this as a rough ground rod, I’d agree, its very stiff all the way to up the last quarter of the blank, which incidently is manufactured in the far east. (I wonder how many jobs went at Alnwick as a result). Overall the blank is well balanced, but heavy, in comparison to the original UK manufactured Rods Greys used to make. Despite its weight and stiffness it is an excellent caster, it did not bite back, or give the sensation of wanting to pull my arms out of my sockets. Over grass leads were consistiently flying 215 yds plus. Anyone seeking a cost effective court rod should look at this model, it will not dissappoint. At first glance there was one feature I particularly liked on the rod, the sliding trigger rod reel seat. An excellent idea that locks into place with mid to large reels. Attach 6500 sized bait casters and it fails to lock onto the blank. Stuff a bit of rubber under your reel and it tightens up enough to give sufficient grip on a free retrieve. Bear this in mind if you are considering purchasing the rod. As a fishing tool for rough ground it wil do the job well, however I can’t see it doing the task half as well as the original Grey’s Apollo, or perhaps the new one, given the excellent stiff through action these rods posses making life less stressful on the end users arms.

Greys Nitra

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  1. Baramundi Bob August 6, 2008 at 7:49 am - Reply

    I have owned a Greys Nitra for the past 3 years and have been very happy with it. I note that the rod review above says this rod is quite heavy, I think the reviewer must have had hold of the wrong rod as the greys nitra is about the lightest I have ever found. The rod is quite stiff but does have a good tip section and just like all rods from greys the bite detection is first rate. The main selling point for Greys rods is their ability to stay motionless in strong tides and winds. When fishing in bad weather I note that most rods bounce about in the wind, and wave bites are always evident, this is not the case with the greys range and certainly not evident with the Greys Nitra. The greys rods may not have the casting potential of the zziplex range but for those rock anglers who fish gulleys at close range then this rod is the perfect choice.

  2. Yorkie November 2, 2008 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    If compared to the Apollo then I would agree it feels heavier, however as a fishing rod, which is its design not as a tournament caster I would say it is an excellent piece of kit, it cast effortlessly, large baits and weights to 8oz into the rough ground marks and retrieves with the same lack of fuss, whatever takes the bait.

    It has a very good fishing tip that doesn’t collapse in rough seas or wobble all over the place in high winds and is certainly a user friendly rod.

    Times change I used to swear by a Long Ezee and was always picking the scabs of Kompressors, which incidentally also felt heavier.

    As yet, 3 years down the line my Nitra paired with a 9000 or 7000 has retrieved anything that has taken the bait and some awesome piles of weed without a problem.

    I say again this isn’t a tournament caster or similar broom handle that you are trying to adapt to fish with, this is imo a well designed fishing rod that has enough power to not disgrace itself on a field and is totally at home in any conditions on heavy ground.

    I agree it is a shame it isn’t make in Alnwick but it appears to me that quality hasn’t been compromised and was still as reliable last night as when it was new.

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