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Graham Hill – Bass Fishing Question And Answer Session

Bass fishing with Henry Gilbey is one of those videos which makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Along with his buddy Graham Hill the lads catch bass after bass on both baits and lures. If you havent already seen the video then you can watch bass fishing with baits here and bass fishing with lures here.

After watching the video one thing becomes very clear, and that is that Graham Hill knows his bass fishing. Recently Graham joined our site, so I seized the opportunity and asked if he would do a question and answer session on bass fishing for our forum members.

Graham was only too pleased to oblige, so we collected a load of questions from the lads on the site. So on behalf of all our site members I would like to thank Graham for taking the time to answer our questions. Anyone interested in reading about Grahams exploits or if you want to purchase some of his megabass lures, you should head over to his bass fishing online website. The following is the list of answers kindly provided by Graham.

Questions From Harry The Cod

Q1. This year on our trip to the mull , on two occasions i blanked ,while my fishing mates all caught,we were using identical set up ,rubber eels and rubber lures and a controler method to cast the light lures out. Then on one night two other
anglers blanked , and the rest of us had fish, it was very frustrating at times ,and very perplexing as to why this should
happen. What are your thoughts on this ?

A1 Harry,,
All my fishing life this sort of thing has happened to me both bait and lure fishing i suppose its fishing thats what some will say but its working it out reasons why they may only be small and even unnoticiable but worked out could change your life forever

Q2. Is there anyway to present a live bait at range, without damaging it in the cast, i am thinking of trying live bait if i can get hold of some next season from the shore ,,

A2. Is this a beach casting question? if so i would use the d-vice , if not no, but the freelined Mackeral/launce is a great choice

Question By Ramrod – Ray Maddison

Q1. Hi Graham. First of all may I congratulate you on becoming a millionaire in such a short time, but shame on you by offering your bling so outrageously and leaving our children to go hungry. But enough about them! Perhaps we could reach a compromise regarding Bass/starving offspring. My question is this. How successful is the use of jelly’s from the shore. Taking into consideration that most of the bass caught around this area are in relatively shallow water. If they are any good, which types would you recommend and how would you work and rig them. One last question. Does the
Komomo2 only come in one size as I’m thinking of getting my starving daughter one for Christmas. Regards Ray Maddison.

A1 Ray, I wish i was!!!! Selling lures is just a hobby for me but i try to keep to the lower price bracket where i can,, The jellies from the shore are great i use paddle tail shads these are my mainstay french(DeLaLande) makes up to 150mm with a articulated head from 5g to 35g also worm type plastics such as XSlayers and Sluggos but work out the colours that work before shelling out,, the world of plastics from the shore is massive but there are not many anglers that can pull it off,,in your area look at the rock pools and the waters as i know as a acomplished angler like yourself i am telling you how to suck eggs ,,,but read the gobies and life in there and match the hatch with similar plastics you may get a plesant surprise and the choice of plastic lures is truly amazing,, a larger K2 now theres a thought’.

Questions From Baramundi Bob – Glenn Kilpatrick

Q1. What would you say to a group of anglers who had been fishing for 2-3 seasons with relatively good success, with bass upto almost 6lb all on plugs and all from the rocks/scars. The reason I ask is, that group of lads is us. After 3 years of trying different things Im wondering how we can move our fishing forward in the next few years. Is there any particular
aspects of bass fishing we should really pay attention too

A1. Glen,,,
well all i can say is to you yorkshire lads is Respect,,i know how hard it is to catch on lures even in the south of england and Ireland dont come easy either,,you are 250 miles plus North on the East Coast and much cooler climate so you must have worked something out. I remember the times in yorkshire where a bass caught in a major comp made the headlines, so with that in mind you are doing great, To advance yourself i always tell lads to:

  • Learn your area inside out and watercraft is KING
  • Get the best lures available to you and work them out plastics and hard
  • baits
  • On the rugged north east coast get kitted out with clothing ,waders,carry bags boots etc for your own saftey and protection,,
  • Early morning fishing first light with a correct tide ,,coincidential of tide ,time ,time of year,and first light is again king

Glen i could go on forever on this its a great question but it just seems unanswerable,,

Q2. Would you expect double figure bass to be present on the Yorkshire Coast. Are there any methods we should look at if we want to try catch larger bass. Is there any time of day or season we should be looking for the bigger fish.

A2 Yes,,, i  do believe Doubles frequent all the coast line around the UK and Ireland they could show up anywhere obviously there are well known hot spots in the south and Ireland but a few unfound on the yorkshire coast,, big bass are quite lazy Creatures and like the comforts of life so when looking for a double producing mark look no further than a south facing rockmark or quiet sunny side up estuary its called the abedobe effect,,bass actually love sunbathing and this is what gives them that realy dark steel blue colour,,find this and the 6lb er will be a fish of the past,,,I would Guess September is your month ,,,In Ireland Its November and December

Q3. Why do we never catch bass off the wrecks in the North East.

A3 I think the water is too cold in the deeper parts of the north sea plus 8 deg water temp is a pointer,,shallower wrecks in  warmer waters and look for more Favourable to you lads up there and a run in the tide ,that will form under water dunes and sand bars that will hold bait fish and Bass

Q4 . What are your top 10 bass lures, can you explain what you like about each.

A4.These are what i carry in my lure box:

  • 1,Zonk Gataride singesi iwashi….. long casting top bass lure
  • Zonk 120 pearl rainbow………..21g long casting sinker
  • Xorus Pachenko phospho…superb topper
  • MARIA CHASE HOLO silver BW…memories of big fish on film
  • IMA komomo sf 125 Aka Kin…early morningsIMA komomo2 anasago flashing plate…can top and crank on the same cast
  • IMA popkey kid on the top a fantastic topper
  • Tackle house Feed Shallow pearl white,,,, memories of films and pictures
  • IMA Sasuke Sand Bora…a superb 1m diver plus long casting lure
  • STORM JOINTED THUNDERSTICK silver blue an oldie that all the new stuff has to aspire too a truly iconic shallow runner

Q6. Have you ever heard of anyone mad enough to fish a plug behind a 6 ounce
weight off the top of 100ft cliffs.

A6. NO!! But i recon i will soon,,,,try a 50g head on a delalande shad

graham hill bass fishing

Questions From Iain Sellars Quint

Q1 Have you had any experience of plugging at night, if so is the key to success in darkness slowing things right down? If so can you recommend plugs suited to such methods, I would have thought the K2 would be ideal.

A1 My night plugging experience is limited i dont have to do the darkness thin but overall i have found plastics work better after dark and as slow as you can,,the K2 is a fantastic lure in daylight visual conditions i have not tried it in darkness,,,

Q2 If you were allowed only one plug to fish in all conditions, which would you opt for? ,,,,

A2 all conditions,, there can be only one,,Megabass zonk 120 singisu iwashi,,the zonk is the peeler crab of the plugging world

Q3 In your experience which peeler brings more bass to the scales, edible, shore or velvet, or is there little to choose from?

A3 I love fishing with crab of all types a fantastic bait,, in my personal experience shore crab is by far and away the best for bass in SE Ireland my estuaries can produce endless quality peelers through the year,, on the east coast of Ireland on the rocky areas velvets are tops when in season and that is very short may / june a small window but fish with them fresh ,,,well what can i say,,brilliant,,but the downside is i feel they will not compete with fresh shore crab when frozen,,and last the edible red crab i have gathered with the velvets when the peel is on ,,, i personally would look at the velvets and edibles as a massive bonus when i can get them but the mainstay of my bait is the shore crab in compertitions,,,,,,,,, in 2004 and 2008 i qualified to fish for the Irish National team in the Home Internationals as Munster Champion and that was down to simply having the best Crab,,,they very rarely fail me a great bait,,,

Q4 How much should I charge for a 3 hour bass guiding session?

A4. Actually its very rare that i guide nowadays and only at personal request ,i put deals together for ireland in my guest house that are very competitive

Questions From Ducky – John Duck

Q1. Have you ever fished the yorkshire coast for bass. And if not why?

A1. John, Yes i fished the yorkshire coast since i was 9 years old from brid to spurn a long time around 30yrs a beach angler i cut my teeth freezing my balls of fishing Brid pier in the 70s ,,,and this is a fact that up to 1993 i caught in 22 yrs 4 Bass amongst all the cod and whiting and the next 6 or so years there was a steady healty increase in my Bass catches targeting them private fishing and in compertitions ,,

Q2. Will you doing a discount scheme for site members who buy your bass plugs,,

A2 Yes i will

Q3. What is it you love most about bass fishing ?

A3 To be honest JD there are too many things i love about the sport to put one in a singularity would be impossible,,but if i had to choose it would be the release of a fish that had given me so much pleasure in the capture and of course forever learning lure fishing in the sea,, very stimulating working things out,,,

Questions By Somerset Bouy – Name Unknown

Q1. If you could own only 1 Bass lure, which would it be and why.

A1 I have answered this one Megabass Zonk 120 sinigisu iwashi a all rounder

Q2. What is Henry Gilbeys Middle Name.

A2 Dont know, I can imagine it been somthing like vernon,george or mabey Horace, HA!HA!great question i will find out,,

Q3 What is the biggest bass you ever caught, and what did you catch it on.

A3 16lb 11oz caught on a viper plug ,a three jointed plug from the US i have a few left but sadly i think no longer manufactured

Q4. Is Cheese any good as a bait for Bass ?

A4 I have never tried it,but you never know

Questions By Rich 7

Q1. Can you ask Graham Hill why can I catch bass 1ft deep on Maria Angel kiss, feed shallows etc yet can’t get a take on popper from the shore. What are the best conditions/stimuli to use a popper.

A1 Rich, Idont want to over complicate this very good question there can be a number of reasons, one i go with is i suspect you may be spooking the fish with the type of popper you are using Bass are not always turned on by that big pop and splash of a lure on the top ,,, try a different type of surface lure (stealth type) expecially in calm conditions like a z claw or popkey it has worked for me when i know the fish are there ,,,

Q2. How much difference does it make using a dark lure on overcast days & a bright lure on bright days

A2. There is one Golden rule that I use when the light starts failing wether that be first or last light or over cast,, i fish with what you call a AKA KIN coloured lure Red/Orange a great colour for low light conditions and it works

Q3. Will you be coming up north to fish with us next year ?

A3. Yes i will and looking forward to meeting up i am sure you lot up there have a few tricks up your sleves we all keep on learning, i am planning to fish a couple of winter matches on my old stomping ground on the holderness coast in November/dec/jan

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  2. Harry cook October 24, 2010 at 9:55 am - Reply

    Some very very good advice there Graham, i am well pleased with the answers to all our questions,
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    we may bump into you one year up at the Mull of galloway, a truely great fishing area,
    our circle of friends have had many great sessions up there with Bass to double figures,
    once agai many thanks ,Harry the ,cod ,

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    exellent reading. Gee has a good old fashioned yorkie attitude, with up to date knowledge.

  4. Nial Quinn November 7, 2010 at 10:08 pm - Reply

    Brilliant , brings back many memories for me, I personally have had some fantastic bass fishing sessions with Graham in Ireland and his expertise and knowledge is outstanding.Keep em coming.Great website too!!

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